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OmniPHY Supporting Pervasive Standards and Greenfield Automotive, Industrial Applications
SI Team
Friday, April 1, 2016
When it comes to expanding frontiers and making a presence felt, joining forces with other counterparts is often seen as the right strategy to adopt. Evolution, it seems, is the key to survival and to stay afloat in the fierce competitive world of today. Such was the trend of Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A) which kept various semiconductor companies busy in 2015. The IC insights-a semiconductor market research company-reported that $77 billion worth of deals took place in2015. "A primary driver for these is to scale and maintain pricing power, especially with the rise of Asian economies as the major consumers of semiconductors," says Ritesh Saraf, CEO, OmniPHY. New opportunities and demands are unlocking in this business environment that has brought various vendors such as OmniPHY- a leading provider of specialized interface IP and communication technology-to rise and shine.

"Semiconductor companies are yearning to market their products faster and at a lower investment, and for such companies we have developed solutions that addresses both of these demands," says Ritesh. Going deeper, OmniPHY also acknowledges the granular level challenges such as possessing a diversified supplier base and maintaining an eminent flow of revenue. Keeping all the factors in mind, the company's solutions exceed the expectations by focusing on technical superiority for end to-end support and simple to implement framework; all in a cost effective fashion.

Located in San Jose, CA, OmniPhy is now in its fifth year of operation, in which the company has served consumer electronics, automotive, and networking industries amongst others. Since their establishment, the company has leapfrogged to refine and expand their focus in the technology. "We started with high speed physical interfaces("PHY's") for the consumer market," says Ritesh. "Today, organizations rely on our Ethernet technology to create applications and electronic devices for LANs and other networking systems." OmniPHY is the only IP provider in the world to have silicon for the upcoming automotive Ethernet standard 100BaseT having established over two years lead over competition. OmniPhy's Ethernet PHY suite which supports pervasive standards such as 10/100/1000BT can be integrated effortlessly in the industrial applications. In addition the company also offers a wide range of consumer PHY for USB TypeC, Display Port, PCIe, and other standards.

OmniPhy family of SerDesIP is lead by a 28 Gb/s design on 28nm process technology. "Relative to other providers, our design is mature and offers best-in class power, area, latency," adds Ritesh. Giving their customers a competitive solution and time to market advantage is a fundamental benefit of the company's products. Another differentiator of OmniPhy is their dedication towards their customers in enabling them reaching new heights. "We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers as an extension of their team, and finding best solution to help them grow and win in their journey," says Ritesh.

Shedding more light on this through an anecdote, OmniPhy once came across a company from industrial Ethernet application space that was using a non-optimal solution provided by a large semiconductor company. OmniPHY team worked closely with the customer, assessed the features of their existing product, and offered them a next generation solution-which is not only optimal but flexible as well. The customer experienced increase in sales, higher profit margins, and faster time to market.

"We help our customer to be competitive. It involves building deeper partnerships with our customers," says Ritesh. "There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we bring in our technology and customize tools as per the will of customers." For the days to come, the company will stick to these methodologies to overcome new roadblocks and open new doors. Forging ahead, OmniPhy also plans to expand in the automotive space scaling from 100BaseT1 to1000BaseT1 products.
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