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Nimaya gets $3 M in Series A
si Team
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Fairfax, VA based customer information retrieval software maker Nimaya Inc. has raised $3 million from Updata Partners. The company will use the funding to expand its application suite that uniquely enables telecommunications, financial services, hospitality and technology organizations to better serve customers by leveraging customer-facing data assets and the systems that maintain them.

Manoj George, president and founder says the VC looked at the technology Nimaya offered in production environment for customers. Their products are based upon modern, innovative technologies such as SoA, grid computing and the Web.

George says the target customers for Nimaya’s products are organizations that have multiple lines of business and allied functional areas. “Most of these companies are vexed by their inability to understand their customers individually and more importantly are continually plagued by inefficiencies and cross functional toe stepping. Our applications span industries; however we have developed expertise in the telecommunications, financial services and high tech markets, in particular.”

Competition is something that doesn’t deter George. “Our solution complements the CRM, Sales Force Automation and Customer Data Integration market. We do not directly compete with any particular vendor within these markets; we extend and deliver enhanced value to their solutions.” For instance, as George says, CDI vendors typically go no further than consolidating data into a centralized hub. “Nimaya not only provides CDI-style functionality, we then expose this information via our applications so that it can drive revenue-based activity across an organization,” George adds. Nimaya has been profitable since it was founded in 1998.
Today the company has 50 employees with 15 in the U.S. and 35 in India.
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