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November - 2013 - issue > Top 10 Big Data companies
NextGen Invent Delivering Predictive Analytics with Business Expertise
SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
Enterprises and government organizations are investing billions of dollars into Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), data mining, and analytic processing technologies. This fact under-scores the importance of accessing and making sense of Big Data in a fast, agile manner.

These petabytes of data are a gold mine from which one can uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information with the help of big data analytics. NextGen Invent Corporation, a provider of predictive analytics and big data solutions, allows enterprises to capitalize on big data and derive valuable insights from it.
The company headquartered in New York leverages the power of big data to provide their clients with innovative services and solutions that improve their decision-making processes. Their product Pure Analyzer, a big data analytics framework, is an integrated software package, consisting of several components including: Big Data Analyzer, Social Media Analyzer, Text Analyzer and Trend Portal. Pure Analyzer (www.pureanalyzer.com) is used to gather and synthesize data from disparate corporate and social media sources leveraging Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop, and NOSQL. The data is processed using 70 machine learning algorithms and presented to data analysis team via dashboards, analysis screens and reports. Through this suite of tools, their clients can view and use the data to gain insights into specific business processes within their ecosystem of customers, partners and competitors.

Investing in a Brighter Future

"Our industry experience, data scientist team and ability to customize our products according to client's needs give us the edge in the industry," says Deepak Mittal, CEO, NextGen Invent. The company is currently experiencing good traction in several vertical markets including: healthcare, finance, insurance, legal, management services and retail owing to their user friendly big data analytics solutions. The illustrious clientele of NextGen includes Hagen, Streiff, Newton&Oshiro Accountants (HSNO) who have major insurance companies as their clients. One such insurance company made use of Big Data Analytics As Service when one of the Fortune 100 companies filed a business interruption loss claim because of Sandy storm impacting its network towers. Pure Analyzer, our Big Data framework gathered social and market data and analyzed the impact on customer service and network tower unavailability. They completed the project within a compressed time frame and helped the insurance company save millions. Another company, Aileron Solutions engaged NextGen to help realize the vision of gaining insights from healthcare claims that could enable pharmaceutical companies to increase sales of their drugs. The company has also been working with Columbia University to analyze market and social trends to recommend public policy changes. We have collaborated with Launchpad, a product design, development, and collaborative resource hub, to bring big data solution power to start-ups. They believe that big data solutions and services are no longer limited to large enterprises.

NextGen Invent continues to invest in machine learning research to build advance and innovative solutions that enable the company to offer Big Data Analytics as a Service. This allows the company to target unique and complex high-impact big data problems where off the shelf products will not work. However the key to the success and adoption rates of their products lie in the fact that they simplify complex calculations and only show straightforward usable solutions. The company also provides consulting services that help clients to integrate social and corporate data with their marketing and business data across the organization.

Next year, the thriving big data company intends to build more productive go-to-market partnerships, acquire additional enterprise customers, and continue to invest in newer technologies to expand their global market presence. NextGen Invent aspires to become the top choice for big data predictive analytics solutions.

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