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September - 2012 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Mobile is no longer an Experiment, It's the Future
Kannan Kaliyur
CEO-ConnectTel Inc.
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
ConnectTel, Inc. is a privately held software engineering company established in 1996. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ConnectTel is a software engineering company that is a preferred outsourcing partner for many Fortune 500 companies.

The world is going mobile, and we have positioned our company- Connecttel, Inc to help enterprises capitalize on this transition.

Mobile is no longer an experiment, it is the future, and companies who do not have a mobile strategy could very well be left behind—like those who failed to develop an effective e-commerce website 10 years ago. Combined with the rapid proliferation of cloud computing and virtualization, many companies are at risk and may not even realize it. At Connecttel, we have built a solid team of technologists over the company’s 16 years. We have recently created a new Chief Product Officer role to specifically help customers develop and implement their mobile strategy.

The key is for companies to recognize how rapidly mobile devices have proliferated and how entrenched they have become in the everyday lives of their customers. Retail sales from mobile devices surpassed $10 billion in 2011 according to Internet Retailer. An IBM study of 500 companies reported that over 10 percent of traffic to their sites came from a mobile device. PhoneArena reports that over half of all phones now sold are smartphones, a faster adoption rate than any technology except television. One billion smartphones are expected to be sold in 2015!

Customers of every kind of business now expect to be able to access corporate information without access to a computer, and those who do not meet the needs of their customer could very quickly fall behind their competitors. Customers are using phones and the one million plus apps that have already been developed to do things like picking a place to shop, to dine and deciding on what to buy. They are comparing products and reading reviews. Moreover two thirds are connected to at least one social media platform and communicating with family, friends and colleagues. They could be talking about your business.

But customers are just one part of the equation. Many companies have already found ways to use mobile technology, including tablets, to make their business more efficient or customer centric. Employees at REI are using tablet computers to move cashiers into the aisles where they can help customers shop and then check-out. IDC reports that tablets are proving to be well suited for field service functions like equipment maintenance, meter-reading and proof-of-service, and in logistics, travel, and distribution verticals for asset and inventory management, telematics and direct store delivery.

At ConnectTel, we are actively working with customers to help evaluate on how mobile technology can impact their business, to adjust roadmaps that capitalize on the potential of mobile and to build mobile applications. We started this company at the start of the Internet "boom" and we see even greater potential from this mobile revolution.
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