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September - 2013 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Mobile BI is a Hot Topic Today
Sri Rao Bodapu
Founder and CEO-CloudSolveIT
Thursday, September 5, 2013
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CloudSolveIT is a provider of cloud services and solutions. Some of its services include migration, security, management and development of the cloud to name a few.

We are surrendered by data everywhere and the data is in a variety of forms and the volumes are ever growing. It is a big challenge to deal with structured and unstructured huge volumes of the data and draw hidden pattern at the pace that is required today. We are reaching an inflection point in the market where the level of hype and frequent confusion about "Big Data" will soon be replaced by customer success stories. Crunch, analyzing and visualizing Big Data helps organizations to add a third dimension for the data. Big data, cloud computing, mobile dashboard and the combination of these on smart devices will rule the industry in some time.

The cloud encompasses subscription based or pay per use service that is in real time over the internet and extends IT's existing capabilities. SAAS, web services that enable developers to move API to cloud, managed services in cloud internet integration will become hotter in the industry.

The idea of mobile BI is in the market from 1990, but recently it has become a hot topic among the industry experts. Due to massive improvements to mobile technology, data exploration provides enormous opportunities for mobile BI. Global trends, analytical ways of looking at data, quickly to grasp and make effective decisions are impacting the way data is looked at in each industry.

Leaning Towards Inorganic Growth

Industry is leaning towards inorganic growth to complement each other's skills and grow exponentially. Many companies are following this trend to expand into new markets, new technologies and to penetrate into untapped markets.

Internet of things is gaining lot of popularity in changing the industry trends. We are all surrounded by data everywhere. Some of the best examples for this concept are development of bio metrics outside of the clinic to collect ECG, Heart rate, respiration rate, and store the information for a certain number of days in the cloud. The data collected from these sensors will provide life saving details on anticipated problems. The monitoring systems record critical data and can be shared via secured WebPages or text messages with a flexibility to monitor the seniors all the time. IOT is a truly amazing trend and the possibilities for this are endless.

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