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Managing the SLAs with Multiple Vendors
Meshram B V
VP-IT-Shipping Corp. of India Ltd.
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
B V Meshram is the VP-IT at Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI), where he manages the IT services and infrastructure of the organization.

Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies:

SCI is a Government of India undertaking, Navratna Company, and has a significant presence on the global maritime map with an annual turnover of about $820 million. It is the country’s premier shipping line owning a fleet of 77 vessels of 3.15 million GT. We have implemented all modules of ERP-SAP and specialized shipping packages across nine locations in India. We have our own data centre in Mumbai which is virtualized and have state of art IT infrastructure.

Views on new technologies:
Cloud computing is gaining importance, particularly the private cloud. Many organizations would be having hybrid cloud. Email, web filtering, web applications would be shifted to public cloud. SME would use cloud for competitive advantages.

Resources to keep updated with latest technologies:
Meeting IT vendors, attending seminars/conferences, and reading IT publications on web and magazines.

Biggest Pain Point:
Managing the SLAs with multiple vendors so that business users get continuous IT service.

Technology to Address Pain Points:
To some extent technology can help in monitoring but commitment of vendors is very important.

Challenges Faced:
Integration of various tools and educating users about the importance of IT security.

Adoption of Cloud Policy:
We have implemented private cloud to some extent and planning the private cloud at disaster recovery site.

Expenses on IT Systems:
Our annual IT budget is around $12 million which includes IT infrastructure and AMC for hardware and software.

Latest Technology:
We are exploring cloud, Big data, mobile computing, BYOD.

Advice/ Suggestion:
Sometimes new IT technology may not be successful but it could be tried on small scale.

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