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Localytics A very Powerful App Analytics Platform
SI Team
Friday, April 29, 2011
Localytics is a software company that offers app analytics platform. Founded by Raj Aggarwal and based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the firm gives publishers of smartphone and tablet apps the tools needed to build more successful and profitable apps.

Applications offer certain advantages over websites. For example, apps can access location services, accelerometers, networking information and more. Applications also have advanced session models and can continue functioning when devices lose connectivity. Localytics offers an enterprise-quality solution built for mobile phone and tablet applications which is designed to reliably measure unique users, sessions and events, even when users are offline. It provides the user with real-time data processing and provides valuable insights. It also reports valuable device information and app performance such as conversions, engagement, platform, location, mobile operators, network access type, custom event tracking and more. Further, Localytics can be integrated in a few minutes and requires only a few codes.

The company uses a pay-as-you-go business model which makes it easier for enterprises of all sizes to adapt it. They offer a free package for developers and independent publishers, a premium package for small and medium publishers, and an enterprise package for large publishers. The company recently raised a Series A funding, they are planning to use this to increase sales capacity for existing business service enterprise-level customers and to expand their offerings to mid-market publishers.
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