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Like it or not We're all in Sales
Sridhar Jayanthi
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
If your work or home life involves:
* inspiring your team member or child to achieve a goal,
* communicating ideas,
* bringing about change in your organization,
* persuading your manager for a better role, a raise, or a promotion,
* looking for a job,

…then you ARE already a sales person. Every human on some level is instinctively tuned to this art of convincing others about their perspective and sense of value. All effective employees use sales techniques to get their peers and managers to cooperate with them in getting the job done. Anyone who is successful practically in any area of life that involves people is a salesperson. Understanding this is key to success in the corporate world.

Once a professional is part of a company, he quickly discovers competition for a role, recognition, promotions, compensation and the type of responsibility he can get. There is a limit to the budget and role options. It becomes apparent early in his career that he needs to sell his manager about his qualifications, and why he is the right person for the role or a promotion. In most companies, the best qualified person usually ends up with the most choices. Between two equals the decision is biased towards the person who has the ability to sell better.

The competition at work extends to ideas and business cases. At a high-tech company, multiple players are trying to convince the decisi
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