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Letters To The Editor
Monday, November 1, 1999
not really healthcare
The article "e-drugs" in the October issue is a very glossy investor presentation about drugstore.com and Kal Raman. He is obviously a very talented guy, however, its obvious his knowledge of healthcare is very superficial. Though your article is more a profile of him and his company, it certainly doesn't look at the company from a critical or analytical point of view. You may fare better by researching the company a bit more from industry experts as well as analysts. I think you will quickly find a very a very different view of things. My hitch is that by profiling Raman, you make him seem like a healthcare expert, when he is just a very smart technical guy! - Sandeep

Correction: si100

Thanks for including Gulf Computers in the si100. However, we'd like to submit some corrections on the figures you published in our company's listing. The facts should read as follows:

Year Founded : 1979

No. of employees : 450

Ownership : Private

Revenues : $25 million

Thank you.

Ashish V. Athawale, Business Development Manager, Gulf Computers, Inc.

Encouraging Words

I and all the people I know enjoy reading siliconindia. It is inspiring to read the success stories of my countrymen and women who are leaders in the highly competitive, high-tech world. The magazine makes me think that even I can venture to do something on my own and succeed. It makes me proud to be an Indian. I wish siliconindia more success, and hope it will be in all corporate offices of the US soon. - Mohan Murthy

Inspiration Point

I should say thank you for providing us subscribers with such a magnificient magazine. I keep the magazine with

me and introduce it to professional people wherever I go,

especially to Indians, Pakistanis and other members of the South Asian community. One word that comes to mind when I look at this magazine is "Inspiration." Reading it relaxes me, and it's fun too. You are headed in the right direction! - Shariq S. Hassan

Spreading the Word

Congratulations on the rich and valuable content of your magazine. I hope every progressive Indian gets a chance to read it. I have been doing my part by spreading the word about siliconindia. Your magazine has the capability to help people build and implement their dreams! Congratulations again and a very big THANK YOU to your team. Your venture is exemplary in its own way. - Sreenidhi Bheemasenachar

Biotechnology, Please

We enjoy reading siliconindia. It has been a good source of information in the technology business arenas. However, I would really like to see a special biotechnology issue. Any plans on publishing one? - Amiya Nayak

Pumping Up IT Knowledge

I would like to convey to you that your magazine has made a lot of difference in substantially increasing my knowledge base of IT.

I hope that someday soon, I will have the opportunity to contribute to this field of information technology and make a difference in people's lives and also connect with other Indians in this country. - Hrishikesh Nayar


Congratulations on the magazine's continued success. You yourself probably have no idea how much you are contributing - you have opened new vistas for professionals and entrepreneurs in computer, software, electronic, telecommunications, networking and other industries. The content of the magazine, and the packaging are very informative. - Dinesh Patel M.D.

Opportunity to Network

I wanted to thank the siliconindia team for hosting the terrific conference in California on October 2 & 3 and making it such a grand success. I would not even have dreamt of being able to have lunch with such a great person as Mr. Narayana Murthy, Chairman & CEO, Infosys, but at this conference I was able to. I have to confess I got more from this one conference than any that I have attended before. In the end I have made many friends, networked immensely and in general had a lot of fun. - Ramesh Mantha


Just two years in print -- and yet the power to get the shakers and movers of the technology world together! That is cool! Congratulations to siliconindia and the team. The best part of the siliconindia conference was choice of speakers, especially on the 'Webolution of Networking' session. All the well-respected people from the top-notch companies were on one stage answering the same questions and bringing forward a different vision. The conference gave me the opportunity to meet the leaders and entrepreneurs that I respected.

However, it was noticeable that there were very few women there! :) I didn't think of it till a press reporter pointed it out to me. I suggest that if siliconindia commits a section for Indian professional women, it would be great. Something where they can network and get guidance. Some articles on the personal side would also be beneficial for most. I am looking forward to next conference. - Nimisha Mahuvakar, Cisco Systems

Active Obligation

I thoroughly enjoyed Kanwal Rekhi's article, "Obligation, Not Charity." As the President of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), he is in an ideal situation to encourage and promote this idea within TiE first (charity begins at home!). Who better than the members of TiE for targeting and preaching what he did in the article? I also hope siliconindia also focuses on the above subject matter and promotes charitable work to uplift the masses in India. I heard someone aptly say, "when you accumulate wealth, you are not the owner, but you are only the protector and trustee of that wealth, and you have an obligation to put it to good use. God gives you an opportunity and wants to test if you can use it wisely."

North South Foundation - NSF (www.northsouth.org), is a 10-year old non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to providing scholarships, both in the US and India. It provided more than 1,000 scholarships over the years to the brilliant among the poor in India (undergraduate programs). I am the founder president of NSF. Our motto is to help a poor, but brilliant child go to college in India. This year alone, we are planning to give 200 scholarships. - Dr. Ratnam Chitturi, President, North South Foundation

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