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Kripya Group Creating True Industry Conductive Values
si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Most technology companies are faced with the dilemma of having to balance the efficiency and utilization levels of the resources at their disposal in order to maximize productivity. Addressing all the technology challenges demands deep expertise which most companies lack given the complexity increasing day to day. Also trying to solve all the technology issues simply by increasing utilization levels of the team on board is not an effective approach and is far from being fruitful when put into practice.
Kripya founded in 2006 has emerged as a problem solver by helping its clients augment their onboard resources by effectively organizing the right level of resources, with the right skills and for the right period of engagement in view of combating the aforementioned technical challenges.

Lending a Wide Hand
On a mission to creating value, Kripya Group has positioned itself to define the adaptation of its mission by offering innovative high quality solutions. Led by its founder V.G. Veeraraghavan, and backed by his vast network of experts, the firm's clients share the deep expertise and enjoy the benefit of a single focal point for addressing a wide range of technology issues at any point in time. In the Software and engineering services domain, Kripya Engineering based in India has attracted clients through its innovative high quality solutions in the areas of software architecture, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. The firm also leaves no stone unturned in bringing out hardware products right from concept to manufacturing in a timely and cost effective manner.
Apart from lending its expertise in Engineering and Software, Kripya Group also brings in great value to the market through its involvement in the energy sector. This shows that the firm is always open for any quest ahead of it. In view of bringing in cost effective, eco-friendly solutions in the solar energy sector, Kripya designs, develops and integrates Intelligent Solar Energy systems and products for various applications with a focus on developing countries. Through dual mode micro-inverter, a patent pending technology product, Kripya offers cost effective means for solar energy on-tap, combining innovation, social and environmental consciousness.
The firm has successfully won the hearts of its clients by winning their trust and confidence very quickly. Being able to function in a way where Kripya team becomes the natural extension of the client's onboard team has been one of the highlights of its reputation and is the differentiator according to V.G. Veeraraghavan.
Kripya team's expertise combined with its commitment to excellence have created significant value to its customers by way of delivering intellectual property and technology strategies, technology roadmaps, and the firm's own software (web based IP litigation query and Data Analysis and Decision Support - DADS) and hardware (Dual mode micro-inverter) products.
Kripya is a proud technology partner for Centric Software, the market leader in PLM software for fashion. Kripya group also supports other industry leaders in the web based transaction applications, consumer electronics, medical electronics, IP development, and licensing domains. Kripya is looking for growth by winning more engagement opportunities with its existing clients as well as new clients. In addition, Kripya group is looking to partner with companies with synergistic values for accelerated growth.

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