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KiCube From Presentation to Story Telling, Add KI to your Imagination
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
KiCube is a powerful platform which enables users to seamlessly aggregate and organize enterprise content for the purpose of mobile consumption. KiCube is for marketing and sales professionals who have traditionally relied on paper, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to manage a sales cycle (generating leads, managing opportunities, sales pipelines, forecasts, price lists).

The company enables organizations to instantly build a story for instance, a sales pitch from existing enterprise content and deploy that content in real-time to iPads, Smartphones and other devices. KiCube's cloud-based platform helps connect distributed teams while eliminating stale and redundant data sources. The platform was built to mobilize and transform the enterprise content by adding 4 I’s to the Enterprise Content, namely-Immersion, Interaction, Integration and Impact.

Key features of the solution include a Cloud–based framework for mobilizing existing enterprise content, an easy to use web-based admin configuration. The suite allows users to upload files like video, images, excel, to name a few. It syncs instantly between website and tablet by connecting to HTML5 pages for custom content. The KiCube cloud allows users to store data on or integrate with one’s own existing repository and has the option to add users and assign different configurable access rights.

“KiCube is a powerful tool for Marketing & Sales team. It is the fastest, simplest and quickest way to create a powerful sales pitch, leveraging intuitive and simple yet effective user experience.” says Manish Garg, CEO, KiCube.

He further adds about the functionality of KiCube that the solution allows creation of compelling stories using existing content across all media such as iPads, Smartphones and tablet. KiCube also leverages tablet and Smartphone functionality in terms of user gestures such as touch, swipe, pinch and zoom.

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