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August - 2014 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Keeping Up with the Constant, Radical Change
Chirag Nangia
Founder & CEO-Reppify
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Founded in 2009, and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Reppify is a social referral platform that allows its users to utilize the aggregated social networks of their employee base to drive two key imperatives: talent sourcing and lead generation.

One of the trends in the industry right now would be the high consumption of data, especially for enterprise technology. For decades, there was a constant mode to collect all data possible on everything throughout a business. With that, the shift in the industry right now is to extract value from this data being collected. In addition, technology is now creating a convergence of internal and external data and making it applicable to the business.

The other trending topic is the continual adoption of mobile, and a vast majority of society is shifting to smart phones. This adoption beyond the knowledge worker will make for innovation for both personal adoption as well as enterprise consumption. The next billion adopters will open up some amazing possibilities. For example, even a farmer can now apply dynamic pricing and sell directly via mobile technology. The growth of the market size will pave way for solutions that will address the new market rise and will change the way business is being conducted around the world.

But the huge challenge though for startups is keeping up with the constant, radical change.The market is not the same as before when market leadership lasted for years. Entrepreneurs must adapt quickly to the market and technological change and take advantage of the short window of opportunity. Companies can overtake the market in a blink of an eye. The cost and barriers of entry have also decreased, allowing anyone to create a business and making it difficult for entrepreneurs to stand out. Overall, there's no resting for entrepreneurs, but keep in mind that the challenges are opportunities in themselves.
(As told to Sagaya Christuraj)

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