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Kasura Focused Approach
Jayakishore Bayadi
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
“Yes. We will,” was Ramana’s instant answer to their first customer who offered a project to him with a stringent deadline attached. Being a startup, “Why should I give business to you?” was the usual question Ramana and his team faced, but they were quite cool, calm, and composed to give this answer. “We do things in which we have strong competency,” was their business pitch —why they are into the business, which won their first customer, to whom they delivered higher than their expectations.

There was no looking back since then for Kasura Technologies, a third party chip design services company (with focus on Functional Virutal Prototyping and Verification services) established in 2003 by three techie brothers KAlesh, SUresh, and RAmana. They have extensive industry experience ranging from 10 to 12 years. “We are in the business because we believe that there is always a better way to do something,” says Ramana, co-founder, Kasura.

Legendry management author Al Ries expounds, “Companies that are focused are usually successful. Companies that aren’t normally run into trouble.” However, in Kasura, ‘Focus’ has got a special meaning; that’s focusing on one thing at a time to grow steadily. This made Kasura and it’s team to focus and leverage on the experience and expertise they had. “Well, It’s easy to diversify into various services. But it affects our vision of building a quality team,” says Ramana.

“Our uniqueness is that we don’t aim for multitude of projects at a time. When we get projects from client we initially work on it to prove our worth, leveraging our resources to the fullest,” states Ramana. In fact, this helps the company to focus well and deliver effectively, and also aids in building one of the best internal technology teams. “That’s why each of them is a representative of Kasura. This has helped us to be the preferred vendor for most of the Major chip design houses, for which we have executed projects. The range of experiential case studies have always found a taker in every company that we have met,” articulates Suresh, Co-founder, Kasura.

Kasura is betting on its core competency in SystemC based Functional Virtual Prototyping Services. This includes IP Integration services, Consulting services, and Education services. Under prototyping services, Kasura delivers Functional Virtual Prototype (FVP) based on SoC design requirements. “The FVP developed in SystemC can be plugged into different types of simulation or verification environments. The FVP can be integrated into any HDL model for co-simulation and co-verification activities. We are pretty sure FVP is becoming the hottest trend now and will continue to be so in the future as well,” explicates Kalesh, Co-founder, Kasura.

In terms of engagement with customers also, Kasura stands out in the crowd. “Kasura evolves a definitive engagement structure by adapting to the customer’s project environment and employing Kasura’s robust business process flow methodology. The engagement has always had a value proposition to the customer,” explains Ramana. Today, having worked with over 12 industry leader customers so far, Kasura has strong technical expertise in the Prototyping and verification environment with a track record of successful, timely, and cost-effective execution of the requirements of chip design companies.

Grooming the talents also becomes an important aspect in building a solid team. This is important especially in this industry where there is always a scarcity for good talent. In this regard, ‘being open’ has helped Kasura to attain the level of quality as well as to race ahead of competition. “Kasura’s strength lies in it’s quality of project delivery and competence of consultants, as has been experienced and shared by the customers,” says Ramana.

Guided by such a lucid and unique philosophy, the founders have a well-planned roadmap for the company. The company is also open for collaboration with a like-minded company to develop IP’s and to carryout the business. The company also has plans to increase its headcount to about 35 by 2010. With this, Kasura is all set to address the requirements of the customers with technologically advanced, cost effective solutions. “Like Life, we have had a roler coster ride, with challenges within and outside, but have managed to stay afloat and infact by HIS grace, always bounced higher,” sums up Ramana.

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