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It's all about chips
Pradeep Shankar
Friday, September 1, 2006
The semiconductor market is expected to grow to $250 billion in 2006 from $235 billion in 2005. However, continued slow growth will pose a challenge to semiconductor vendors as they try to outperform the market.

One company that has not been disturbed by the cyclical nature of the semiconductor market is Microchip Technology. Under the leadership of Steve Sanghi, Microchip has been posting record sales every year. Profits are also steadily increasing. What we found in Microchip is ‘consistency’ embedded in its DNA. Having achieved tremendous personal success as an entrepreneurial turnaround artist at Microchip, Sanghi has elevated himself into the realm of respected corporate executives. He now wants to take his company to the next level. Read about Sanghi’s Act 2 and how he plans to maintain his leadership position in the microcontroller space.

A chip-design veteran and an entrepreneur by heart, Govind Kizhepat has been busy architecting radical changes at the chip level and software level to make his new generation of chips. Earlier this year, Kizhepat announced the launch of 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking chips, thus making 10 GbE not only a reality, but also affordable.

Both Sanghi & Kizhepat have set up a design center in India to leverage the talent available there. Today, the Indian semiconductor industry is in a very exciting phase, poised to witness enormous growth.

Several international semiconductor companies are establishing their offshore design centers in India. It all began in 1985 when Texas Instruments set up its captive design house in India. We feature Bobby Mitra, Managing Director of TI India with an insight into his leadership traits.

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Pradeep Shankar,
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