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Internet infrastructure development, need of the hour
ST Team
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
A cold warning from AT&T has started creeping up from one's forelimb. Not because the U.S. telecommunications giant has warned that the heaven is likely to tumble down, but that the Internet will, if proper infrastructure development is not done. In line with a similar prediction made by another research firm Nemertes Research in November 2007, AT&T said that the Internet's current network architecture would reach the limits of its capacity by 2010.

Jim Cicconi, vice president of legislative affairs for AT&T, has warned that the current systems that constitute the Internet would not be able to cope with the increasing volumes of video and user-generated content being uploaded. "In three years' time, private households will generate more traffic than the entire Internet today," he added.

“Unprecedented new wave of broadband traffic would increase 50-fold by 2015 and more demand for high-definition video would put an increasing strain on the Internet infrastructure. Eight hours of video is loaded onto YouTube every minute. Video will be 80 percent of all traffic by 2010, up from 30 percent today," Cicconi added.

AT&T says that at least $ 130 billion worth of investment should go to strengthen the Internet infrastructure worldwide.

Though it is quite natural that everything that has got an exhaustible nature will reach a saturation point and need to be enhanced to avoid a collapse, the AT&T warning has thrown a fresh light on when to begin preemptive steps - the infrastructure development - to prevent the Internet reaching a point of standstill.

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