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Indian American Teen Anand Presents his Project Before Obama
si Team
Sunday, March 4, 2012
Anand Srinivasan, a 15 year old Indian American student had the privilege to present his project before the U.S President, Obama. He was among one of the finalists at Google Search Fair, 2011, who came up with a robotic arm which is controlled by the user’s own brain signals.

Srinivasan created a software programme which helps in recording the body’s own electric signals, intensifies them and then sends the signals to the brain. He explained that, due to external noise it was not easy to identify patterns in the brain. His software helps in getting rid of this noise from the signal and sending a clear signal to the brain .Thus, it enables the brain to control the robotic arm easily. “I wanted to create a bridge between man and machine,” Srinivasan told India-West.

Srinivasan grabbed the opportunity to have a discussion with Obama on the use of a robotic arm by wounded Iraq war veterans and other amputees. This young talented Indian American now moves on in creating a robotic leg which can be worn by people who are afflicted with osteoporosis or arthritis as well as amputees.

On the whole there were nine South Asian American youngsters who were among the 55 teens who participated in the second White House Science Fair on 7 February. The young talents were chosen from the winners of several science fairs held across the U.S. last year. A few of the participants were Shree Bose, the grand prize winner at last summer’s Google Science fair; Manasa Bhatta, a regional finalist in the Young Epidemiology Scholars competition; Miraj Rahemaputra, who developed an airplane wing which maximizes fuel efficiency and enhances performance; Prarthana Dalal, who won first place at the International BioGENEius Challenge for her research into potential treatments for sickle cell disease.

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