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India among Top 3 with leading number of SMB professionals on LinkedIn
SI Team
Monday, October 1, 2012
India stands on third place just behind U.S. and U.K. in terms of leading number of SMB professionals on the network, reveals a recent analysis conducted by LinkedIn.

It has only been three years since LinkedIn was launched in India but the swift pace with which the user base has grown surprises many. Nearly 14 million Indians are already using LinkedIn for various reasons and the number is growing very rapidly. LinkedIn has emerged as the top platform for people for searching for job and for companies looking to hire. Features such as easy access of resumes and detailed description of one’s past experiences help companies immensely in sorting out the probable candidates who match their criteria.

For job seekers, it provides a database of nearly two million companies that release job openings on timely basis giving detailed description about their selection criteria and information about the people who need to be contacted for the same. This makes the entire process hassle free for job seekers who need not to wander seeking information about job openings in different companies.
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