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October - 2014 - issue > CEO Spotlight
Immediate Changes are Expected in the Security Space
Sumir Karayi
Co-Founder & CEO-1E
Sunday, October 5, 2014
Founded in 1997, 1E is a provider of IT efficiency software. The company's IT solutions help reduce servers, network bandwidth constraints, software licenses, as well as energy consumption

Enterprise Computing, has been a sophisticated trend influencing the industry. Also, Organizations have been attentive towards driving consumption through soft services and consumerization initiatives. All these developments - of which the emergence of smart phones has to be highlighted- have influenced the way an enterprise incorporates Information Technology to its functions. Many of the recent developments are of extreme significance from a security perspective. One among these trends in the security space is the increasing focus on highly complex tools and technologies. The possibility of alleviating the risk of security seems to have inspired organizations such as the Australian government, the U.S Government and others. The other imperative aspect about the current industry is the changed requirement for tools, software and similar automation in the IT departments. We are already in that journey and have saved already $2 billion to help our customers in removing servers, software, energy waste and waste of resources.

I am certain that these three trends are going to redefine the industry in the foreseeable future. Towards the future, more opportunities will open up in removing ineffective technologies through right information and automation. Furthermore, things like BYOD, which has become more prevalent, would continue to be important in the upcoming years. Another thing that I would like to highlight is with respect to data centers, there has to be improvement in the relationship between vendors and consumers. Also, many of the processes are still manual. The way forward, in regard to this scenario would be access to right information and automation.

The Top Concerns

The present role as an entrepreneur makes it critical for a business leader to remain in sync with the expectations of the young generation. Today's youth go beyond financial benefits or security; they are in search of opportunities that could transform their aspirations of making a difference into reality. They want to be inspired and perform. An equally important concern is the rampant urgency for innovation, considering the current changes in business operations and expectations. In fact, innovations that have never been tried before are ideal. Additionally, while meeting the requirements of the young generation and bringing in disruptive innovation, a valid approach towards business should be implemented. With such a strategy in place, organizations would be able to establish equilibrium in developing world-class technologies, helping customers achieve success and making a positive impact in the community. (As told to Anitha T S)

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