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Glassbeam Big Data Applications on Machine Data
SI Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
After achieving a great success in 2011; 2012 has seen Glassbeam, a big data applications vendor, on a spree on bringing big names to its board. This shows how inclined the company is towards becoming the market leader in Big Data applications.

Founded in 2009 by Puneet Pandit and Kumar Malavalli, Glassbeam provides a SaaS based solution for analyzing machine data with a unique technology and solution to convert semi-structured data into actionable information. “We are first-to-market an analytics solution for business users, that is focused on machine data. We have succeeded in acquiring a few big customers like IBM, EMC, HDS, Aruba Networks and this was possible due to our differentiating factor which is encapsulated in a patentable language called SPL,” says Puneet Pandit, President & CEO, Glassbeam.
Glassbeam was founded on the premise that machine logs contain critical business data, that when mined, provides a competitive edge to a product manufacturer. System Administrators in IT departments have been trying to parse logs using various tools for IT data center and security needs. But the companies that produce these products have been blind to the actual usage of their products. Log data contains information on errors and warning, product usage, product configuration and feature usage etc.

While traditional log processing tools focus on events and errors, Glassbeam’s log analytics provides a comprehensive analytics on ALL data from all log files in devices. Hence the value is not just to end user IT departments but to product companies and their business users as well.

Based out of Sunnyvale, California with an office in Bangalore, India, it has raised $3 million in various rounds of angel funding. The company has learned its hard lessons during the tough time in 2009-2010 thus making them financially independent. Today, Glassbeam provides solutions to large enterprises, lowering costs, enabling them to capture additional revenue and improve customer satisfaction. The company is building an ecosystem of like-minded software and services companies focused on BI, CRM systems, support systems and knowledge bases.

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