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Gates forecasts second digital decade
Christo Jacob
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Gates has identified three key elements needed for the second digital decade to develop. They are the pervasive use of HD screens, content automatically connecting to a user’s device, and natural user interfaces like speech recognition and screens recognizing hand gestures being further developed.

Gates unveiled two technologies: ‘Microsoft Surface’ and a handheld technology that could be built into cell phones. ‘Microsoft Surface’ is a table with a built-in HD screen and cameras to handle gesture recognition. Gates demonstrated the potential of the technology to be used in homes and stores, and how the table could recognize the hand movements. Another handheld technology device, which Gates unveiled during the show, has the ability to recognize faces and geographical features such as buildings covered by GPS. By pointing it at a building the handheld device could tell you details about the building, or even tell you when was the last time you were there.

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