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December - 2008 - issue > Engineer's Diaries
Following passion of his heart
Saheer Karimbayil
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Shriram R Shivakumar Employer: Spire Technologies & Solutions Designation: Chief Technology Officer Experience: 12+ years

ST: What is your job there?
SRS: I follow my passion of leveraging advanced technologies that complement the company’s vision and our customers’ business needs.

ST: What do you like about your job? SRS: I derive satisfaction from being able to address the customers’ pain-points quickly and efficiently through proven architecture models, such as software-oriented architecture (SOA) and software-oriented modeling framework (SOMF).

ST: What do you find challenging about your job?
SRS: The integration of software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solutions with the various proprietary systems of the customers brings with it interesting challenges.

ST: What have you found that makes your job easier?
SRS: Cloud computing is a real boon, as it enables ease of deployment and maintenance of our platform at ultra low costs, making my job a lot easier.

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