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Finally, a Solution to the Power cut Woes!
si Team
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
India has perennially faced problems of power cuts and load shedding, and we constantly look for alternative energy to support us during those dark hours. From the humble hurricane lamps to high power generators, all of these sources have been used to light our houses during power failures.

Now a small, matchbox-sized device comes to your rescue in face of power cuts; thanks to a Hyderabad-based engineer’s innovation. Subrata Datta, employed at the R&D centre, CMC, has designed a machine which can ensure freedom from power cuts even during insufficient supply and high demand and the technology can apparently help reduce global warming as well.

The virtual inverter technology, called the V-inverter, can be installed in and connected to the meter box of one’s house. It can be controlled and regulated by the electric supply department. Also whenever there’s a greater demand for power, high voltage electrical gadgets like air-conditioners will automatically switch off, and only basics like fans, lights, TV, computer, refrigerator and life saving instruments would work by reducing the consumption of power in the entire neighbourhood, explained the innovator of the way his gadget works.

The V-inverter does not require any secondary power source like the normal inverters or generator. This reduces cost, investment maintenance, pollution and emission associated with fuel-based generators, regular inverters and lead-acid batteries.

Installing this V-inverter is also very easy. The unit cost of the energy of the V-inverter power is less than general inverters or fuel based generators as it comes at the cost of regular supplied power.

As the V-inverter model induces low-power lines, there will be a need for low power and high efficiency electronic modules. This way one can contribute to the green power revolution and help reduce global warming.
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