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February - 2014 Immigration Special > 20 Best Immigration Law Firms 2014
Expeditiousness, Effectiveness and Personalized Legal Service
Judy Christin
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
In today's globally competitive economy, it is imperative that U.S. companies be able to hire and retain talented foreign national professionals. Although the need to hire the best and brightest from around the world is greater than ever, immigration procedures, enforcement actions and overall scrutiny by the U.S. government is stricter than ever in the wake of a recovering U.S. economy and lurking terrorism concerns. Immigration Law Group LLP, headquartered in San Jose, CA, partners with corporate clients to enable them to hire the best talent regardless of nationality while maintaining compliance with arduous U.S. immigration laws.

"Our mission is to be a responsive partner to our clients to ensure that both our corporate clients and their foreign national employees are well informed and expertly counseled throughout the entire immigration process," says Clifton Wu, Co-founder of Immigration Law group. An immigrant himself, Clifton Wu's personal experience with the complexities of the immigration process has been the foremost catalyst in providing unsurpassed personalized legal services.

One area Clifton identified as needing expertise from highly experienced immigration counsel is the handling of PERM applications (Program Electronic Review Management) due to constantly changing adjudication standards by the Department of Labor (DOL). The five attorneys at Immigration Law Group constantly stay abreast of DOL's latest adjudication trends and decisions, and quickly adjust case preparation strategies and update clients accordingly. This knowledge transfer effectively maximizes PERM approval rate.
Immigration Law Group's other areas of specialization include corporate immigration program development, onsite services (outsourcing case management), LCA compliance and consulting, I-9 compliance and consulting, and E-Verify integration and compliance.

The onsite services that Immigration Law Group packs in, is a complimentary suite of services particularly suited to corporate clients in the Silicon Valley. An Immigration Law Group professional is stationed at the client site to handle all tasks corresponding to immigration. Such tasks include receipt of documents for cases, posting LCA/PERM notices, maintenance of LCA public access files, sending approvals to employees, holding green card meetings and more.

In a fast paced economy, it is in the best interests of the corporate client to partner with a competent legal counsel who expedites tailor made quality legal solutions. The testimony from Juniper Networks points to this exemplary service from Immigration Law Group. "We could not be more pleased with ILG's work to support Juniper's US Immigration needs. It's this kind of dedication and customer service with a 'human touch' that differentiates ILG's service from other immigration law firms," says Steve Jaquess, Manager of Global Mobility at Juniper Networks.

With limited access to attorneys being the normal scenario at larger law firms, Immigration Law group's key differentiator is the direct access and personalized attention from the practicing attorneys at the firm. The attorneys at Immigration Law Group utilize their creativity; legal training and experience to successfully conclude immigration cases and ensure that what is done today will have a positive effect on foreign national employees and their employer's future immigration endeavors.

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