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ElasticBox Deploy Applications, Not Servers
si Team
Friday, November 2, 2012
2011 was a great year for ‘cloud’ but 2012 ushered in some concerns surrounding this disruptive technology. There is a need for accurate, realistic and relevant solutions which will enable customers to focus on the actual functionality of applications and far less on server maintenance. Addressing these very needs is ElasticBox, an enterprise solution that simplifies the application deployment and management process.

“With the increased adoption of infrastructure as a service, enterprises are demanding software solutions that allow them to manage the execution of their applications in the cloud without having to deal with the challenges associated with server configuration and management. The ElasticBox team has seen this problem from the front line, at Microsoft, DynamicOps and MySpace,” says Ravi Srivatsav, Founder & CEO, ElasticBox.

Co-Founded in 2011 by Ravi Srivatsav, Alberto Arias, and Amadeo Casas, ElasticBox makes cloud application development and management efficient. ElasticBox bases its definitions and models on the application, not the infrastructure layer. It handles versioning of applications and their components. It provides users with everything that is needed to deploy applications where it makes more sense, whether your criterion is cost, performance or location all under a tight control of an enterprise grade policy management system.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA ElasticBox solution is used in various verticals like Banking, Pharma, Telcos, etc to deploy and manage cloud applications, regardless of the underlying cloud platform. “It's designed to simplify how developers gain access to production infrastructure; provide streamlined configuration management and ongoing maintenance for the IT operations team; and give CIOs better visibility, governance and control” says Ravi Srivatsav. Their platform supports infrastructures from Amazon Web Services, HP cloud Windows Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack, Microsoft System Center etc

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