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Digital Transformation Thoughts from Miracle's Leadership Team
Prasad Lokam
CEO & President-Miracle Software System
Monday, December 14, 2015
Our Opinion
With Digital Enablement of the Enterprise, organizations are trying to put the Customer at the Center of everything and this requires the adoption of several key technologies like Mobile, Cloud and Social. The Mobile/Social/Cloud explosion has a huge impact on the Speed of Reaction of Enterprises to the needs and demands of customers. Today's consumers of technology want to have their needs delivered whenever and wherever.

This is where Predictive Analytics, DevOps and Service/Product Quality become critical in understanding the consumer and delivering what they want on time. Digital Enterprises can extend their reach to users quicker, improve management decisions and accelerate the development of new products and services. Companies failing to adopt these new technology trends are failing to meet customer demand and are struggling to survive in this Digital Era. Ask yourself, Are you THE DISRUPTOR (or) are you being DISRUPTED?

Digital Transformation is a loosely used term in today's CIO ecosystem, so organizations need to carefully pick and choose the path towards their Digital Transformation Journey with a concrete strategy to access its strengths and mitigate its challenges.

Our Vision
We at Miracle believe that Digital Transformation is a journey towards the future, and enterprises that fail to adapt will cease to exist. Becoming a Digital Enterprise requires a committed leadership team and a set of goals, as it is very disruptive in terms of changes to the way the organization operates.

Enabling Digital Transformation is a huge challenge for organizations as it involves massive change management, which impacts not only industry structures and strategic positioning, but all levels of an organization. Leaders must be aware that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity and create significant competitive advantage. CIOs must understand the need for the co-existence of Agile and Traditional IT Models, in order to create a disruptive business model. Investments in Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social are instrumental to an organization's Digital Transformation Strategy.

Our teams believe that Connectivity and Integration of these Hybrid IT Systems will play a crucial role in the future of Digital Enterprises. Providing Unified Experiences, while maintaining a flexible loosely coupled architecture will define the nimbleness of Digital Enterprises. Our teams are constantly innovating with existing and future integration technologies to provide extended value to our customers. With over 33 percent of IT spend being put into integration. We believe Cloud Integration, API Management and Mobile Integration to become key technology investments for all Digital Enterprises.

How @ Miracle we make the Digital Transformation Dream a Reality
With over 20 years of experience in helping customers across a wide range of industry verticals, we at Miracle truly believe in the value that IT can provide to an organization. IT is no longer a functioning unit, but a must-have Business Differentiator. From helping a Retailer transform their customers unified Omni-channel experience, to automating parts-management for a manufacturer; we understand the need to innovate with IT.

At Miracle we firmly believe that the following trends will help an organization fulfill the Digital Dream,

-Automation is mandatory to save time, adopt re-usability and provide sustained quality of Digital Channels
-Enterprises must not dump Traditional IT Models, but need to be able to have a Fast IT Model work in cohesion with their Legacy IT
-Listen to the customer, and embrace the new models of Mobile and Social to deliver a truly unified Digital Experience for users
-Connectivity is the glue that brings together all aspects of a Digital Business Model, and it is key to ensure that your integration strategy is rock solid
-Cloud might not be for everything, but it is surely for everyone; Organizations need to start adopting the Cloud for new initiatives and prioritize their investments for Cloud and Private Data Centers

Our Mission @ Miracle on Digital Transformation
Affordable Innovation has always been at the heart of Miracle, and our teams strongly feel that cost-savings are not enough for the success of an enterprise. We are in an era where IT is no longer a functioning unit, but a key business differentiator.

At Miracle, our mission is to help our customers understand and embrace the value of Digital Transformation and in turn become a truly connected Digital Connected Enterprise of the future. The focus of every Miraclite is to ensure that our teams can deliver new disruptive business channels for our customers through rapid transformation of their IT.

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