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Diaz Nesamoney
Friday, November 21, 2008

Age 34
Place of Birth Munnar, India

Residence Burlingame, CA

Family Wife

Came to the U.S. 1988

Education Masters in Computer Science

First job and career Software engineer at UNISYS Corp

Company started Informatica Corporation

Year did an IPO 1999

Year became millionaire 1995 (on paper)

Favorite charity World Vision

Lifetime goals Build global businesses that provide new technology and create exciting career and wealth creation opportunities. Give back to the community by means of charity and supporting educational institutions especially in India.

Net worth About $140 million

Philosophy of life Do what you love, the money will follow.

Most inspired by Albert Einstein

Most excited by Seeing people grow as part of the company's growth

Most expensive thing ever bought I presume you mean most expensive "toy" -- my BMW 740i.

Informatica president Diaz Nesamoney says he came to the US because he felt over-qualified in India. He wanted to be constantly challenged, which was not going to happen in India. He was born in India and raised in Africa.

Upon arrival in the US, Nesamoney joined Unisys, but he always wanted to start something on his own. And, as we all know, if there’s any place to take a risk, the Silicon Valley is it. Besides, there’s always an advantage to taking risks: If you don’t succeed on your first or second try, you learn from your mistakes. You can only learn about what works and what doesn’t work if you try it yourself, from scratch.

At any rate, such trials worked for Nesamoney: Informatica is a result of his third and final business plan. One needs to be mentally prepared when starting a company, says Nesamoney; focus is a virtue. Your life revolves around your company, and it is your world. That is, although Informatica maybe a thriving, prosperous company, Nesamoney stresses that a demanding job always exists in a demanding industry — regardless of how well your company happens to be doing. Although this takes a lot out of him, Nesamoney manages to find some free time. In it, he enjoys golfing and skiing.

Informatica is on the hot bed for business applications. With the tremendous growth of e-businesess, companies are struggling to manage the monstrous volumes of commerce, content, personalization and streamed data coming from new sources, and to integrate transaction information with more traditional data center resources. Informatica and BroadVision recognize the value of multi-channel business intelligence, and are taking aggressive steps together to bring this critical functionality to market. The ultimate goal of BroadVision is to simplify online business and to take customer satisfaction to a higher level.

Informatica’s success and growth does not stop here, the company is also helping eBay maintain its competitive edge by increasing the success of its online sellers and improving the buying experience of bidders. As you can see, Nesamoney is busy with an overwhelming amount of new and exciting opportunities associated with e-commerce and e-business solutions. The market is shifting towards sales online as well as guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Nesamoney has a new frontier to explore for the year 2000 with online customer service and much, much more!

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