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Consumer decides who wins
Pradeep Shankar
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Call your home, play games and take pictures on your mobile—everything is on the move. Yet, everyone wishes these services are not too pricey.

In this special issue we feature three promising companies—Nethra Imaging, Tatara Systems and SKAVA.

Cupertino, CA based Nethra Imaging has developed image processors to help cell phone users take pictures, which are comparable to those of digital cameras. The two founders—Ramesh Singh and Murty Bhavana—complement each other and have been assertive in driving the mass adoption of their solution in the camera phone market.

The convergence of fixed and mobile technologies is pushing it to the forefront, revolutionizing wireless telephony. Asa Kalavade sensed the opportunity early on to build solutions that lets you make calls through your notebook, while you are on the move! Sounds many out there offer similar solutions. Kalavade’s solution makes sure you are identified with your home-country cell number wherever you go.

So next time your boss goes to India, you can call him on his cell number in U.S and be sure to talk to him.

Skava founders see opportunity in building applications over the mobile phone. They are building a technology company which has unique skills in porting mobile games to different handset technologies. Arish Ali understands that game development is a very risky area. He has mitigated the risk by not developing any gamers’ game but applications that non gamers will like to access over the mobile phone.
The journey has begun for these three companies. All of them are in promising segments of the market. The referee in this game is the CONSUMER.

Please do write to us about what you think.

Pradeep Shankar
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