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Cloud dreams!
Harvi Sachar
Thursday, August 6, 2009
The long dreamt vision of IT industry pioneers to provide computing as a utility is finally emerging in the form of cloud computing. We say emerging because despite all the buzz about 'cloud' everywhere, industry is still in very nascent stage. As several of industry insiders share in this issue, there are significant technological and operational obstacles on the road to nirvana of cloud computing, however, obstacles are also opportunities for growth of new technologies and solutions. Basic promise of cloud computing is that it saves money to businesses and eliminates the danger of under provisioning of data center resources. At the same time, given the typical utilization of medium-sized data centers, potential savings by economies of scale and freedom in selection of data centers to low cost locations, providing these services may be highly profitable to the service providers. So in proverbial marketing speak, its win-win for all.

It may be a game changer technology for internet entrepreneurs, because now new innovative ideas for internet services no longer will require the large capital outlays in hardware to deploy their services or the human expertise and expense to operate it.

On a different note, this is 12th anniversary of SiliconIndia magazine; first issue was out in Aug 1997 and it did looked like a dream to have a business and technology magazine for Indian professionals in US. We sincerely thank all of our subscribers, contributors and sponsors who have helped us make this dream a reality so for. From last month, along with 70,000 print run in US, we have also made pdf version of magazine available to 3 million members of siliconindia network. In first month, there were more then 100,000 download of full magazine; we welcome all these new 'subscribers' to our magazine family.

As usual, please keep your contributions, feedback and comments coming!

Harvi Sachar

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