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Client Interaction is Everything
Saheer Karimbayil
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Ankur Kumar Tyagi
Employer: Tata Consultancy Services
Designation: IT Analyst
Experience: 6 years

ST: What is your job there?
AKT: My job involves interacting with clients to understand their requirements before designing the solutions based on that. I am also responsible for implementation of the solutions. As a team lead, I have to ensure coordination between the onsite and offshore teams, develop the project plan, and do documentation.

ST: What do you like about your job?
AKT: I enjoy interacting with the clients and solving technical issues in my projects. I also like the flexible timings and professional work environment at my work place.

ST: What do you find challenging about your job?
AKT: Completing the assignment on time without compromising on quality is very challenging and demanding.

ST: What have you found that makes your job easier?
AKT: Easily available cutting edge technology makes my work easier. No doubt, it requires a lot of hard work but it gives immense satisfaction when I complete my work on time.

ST: What are your hobbies?
AKT: Reading, making friends, movies, and cricket.

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