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Censorship scales to 49 percent in India, reports Google
SI Team
Sunday, July 1, 2012
There has been a steady rise in the censorship in the colossus of the search engine, Google. The index shows a huge leap of 49 percent in online content censorship from India and a request to delete 255 items. There has been request made by all the governments across the globe for the removal of certain content on humanitarian grounds.

According to the data revealed, a request has been made from around 1000 governments all over the world in the second half of last year than in the first six months. Most of the content which was proposed for removal of videos from YouTube, and search listings were considered defamatory, a political harm or speeches which provoked hatred and the last being pornographic in nature.

Dorothy Chou, a Google senior policy analyst, reported on her blog that freedom of expression has come to terms of risk and surprisingly from the western countries that do not follow censorship. However, the requests made by New Delhi were not released in the company's transparency report.

The giant search engine also states that most of the items which have been asked to remove were the political content on the website that has been posted by the users which is of prime interest. However, the report does not contain insights from countries like China who follow tight internet controls which result in blockage of the content.

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