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Caliber Point Creating Value through Solutions
Rachita Sharma
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Last year there were talks looming large that the Indian BPO industry was on the verge of losing its Numero Uno spot. But the industry proved the cynics wrong by accounting for over 37 percent of the total global outsourcing BPO revenues in 2012. Caliber Point, one of the fastest 'organically' growing BPO was one of the most important companies that led the charge to redeem the Indian BPO industry’s spot.

The entire Indian BPO industry saw a decline in 2011 owing to a change in customers' expectations from service providers. Sensing the shift the industry transitioned from being a mere support function to becoming a Business Process Management industry. Not many companies were agile enough to make the transition but the few who did are success stories today. Caliber Point, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexaware Technologies, sensed this need to transform way before other companies did and hence is one of the pioneers of the evolving BPM industry.

The process of change was not easy and company executives took some time to brainstorm. They concluded that their clients had several business process challenges and were looking to eliminate them at any cost and were ready to undergo any form of transformation be it engineering, consulting, technology or a combination of some of them. The company changed its strategy and now offers IT, Business services, BPM, analytics and business consulting all bundled up together to companies in healthcare, financial services, insurance verticals among others. The company also offers horizontal services in human resources with its Republic Platform and end to end finance & accounting solution. Its target markets are US, UK & Europe, Middle East and India.

This Mumbai headquartered company also sees a lot of traction in the telecom sector wherein they enable clients to cut considerable amount of cost yet form a competent workforce. Their competency in the sector of telecom can be seen in their recent work with a leading telecom provider which was in dire need to optimize its operational processes to improve efficiency, control costs and establish a stable and effective workforce for better service delivery to its customers. Caliber Point came to its rescue. Using their niche skills they were able to achieve a structured workforce through stable work environment and HR support. The telecom player also saw process optimization and largely benefitted through cost savings. Led by R U Srinivas, CEO, Caliber Point, has evolved to accommodate the growing needs of their customers and has become a force to reckon with in the BPM industry.

Focus on value creation for customers

"Today there is a change in the overall environment which is now reflecting in the company's approach as well." says R U Srinivas. Earlier, customers expected BPO to cut cost but now their needs have exceeded to detailed insights into how their company is working against their competition and what they can do to beat competition. Clients can rely on Caliber Point's experience with wide range of organizations and areas of consulting to provide them with an edge over the others.

The focus of any successful company should be value creation for its clients. Caliber Point has inculcated this as their prime objective and gives to its customers the opportunity to focus on value creation without having to worry about the process or pricing. "A significant amount of business today is priced based on output. Customers pay based on how much they benefit from the company" adds R U Srinivas. The company showcases flexibility in terms of pricing its services on the output or outcome based models. Unlike its competitors Caliber Point is willing to stick its neck out and demonstrate their confidence in their unique delivery model and services.

These new age services and delivery models put implications to hunt the right skill set from a functional and an industry standpoint. Having made key changes over the last year the company now invests in functional competencies and industry competencies alike. They are on a quest to find talent with deep domain expertise pertaining to their clients’ industries such as healthcare, telecom, BFSI among others. This hiring strategy provides Caliber Point an edge over other BPM players.

Caliber Point has structurally redefined itself to be more relevant to its customers and to provide the best support. In terms of existing customers, an Account Delivery Manager (ADM) is appointed who acts as the medium between customers and the operations team. An ADM is usually a veteran in operations who understand the business as well as the operations perspective. Their domain expertise allows them to engage with customers that much better in terms of strategic direction.

The company also believes that the era of old school salesmanship is long dead and the new age requires people to have some serious deal making capabilities. The company believes in coming up with creative deals where gain sharing also becomes a new vista.

Future avenues for growth

Evolution is a must for survival and one must strive to harness new arenas for growth. Caliber Point has already established a stronghold in the sectors of healthcare, telecom, HRO, FAO and now aims at conquering the logistics and supply chain industry, since they foresee several players in the industry to adopt BPM in a big way.

Caliber Point also identifies the importance of upcoming technology trends and is a much more tech savvy company today. Having already adopted some technologies such as cloud, BPaaS, analytics; they are looking to adopt mobility as well.

"Caliber Point is committed to creating value through solutions" says R U Srinivas. Not being dogmatic in their approach towards business outsourcing they understand client needs be it purely consulting, technology or analytics and provide customers with innovative solutions.
Nature’s law is that the 'old maketh way for the new'. Caliber Point has certainly proved this true and has thus emerged victorious in a sector where several failed to even make a mark.

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