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built.io Empowering Developers to Innovate in Record Time
Anamika Sahu
Monday, April 7, 2014
"Innovation happens when talented engineers are given an environment where they can collaborate, take risks and put their ideas to work," states Nishant Patel, Co-Founder & CTO of raw engineering, who knows a thing or two about innovation.

Founded in 2007, raw engineering has offices in Mumbai and Vadodara in India, and San Francisco in the U.S. The India campuses house 120+ engineers who build innovative solutions every day. "Our bread and butter is developing cloud-based web and mobile applications for the world's largest enterprises," adds Co-Founder & CEO Neha Sampat. "Apps that scale to millions of users and push the boundaries of technology to deliver an extraordinary user experience".

raw engineering's flagship product is an award winning application development platform called built.io. built.io provides all the features that modern mobile and web applications need out of the box: smart push notifications for targeted messaging, analytics for business users to gain deep insights into app usage, geo location, mobile content management and social integration.

"We created built.io to accelerate our own application development. With built.io, our team is now able to deliver enterprise applications in weeks, sometimes even days, instead of months. We recently made built.io generally available so that other organizations can benefit from these dramatically reduced application development timeframes as well," says Sampat.

Co-Founders Neha Sampat and Nishant Patel believe in keeping their employees current with the latest market trends and technological development in an effort to cultivate innovation throughout the company. raw engineering encourages employees to participate in hackathons to learn about emerging technologies, such as beacons, drones and wearables like Google Glass.

Training programs provide staff the opportunity to continuously enhance their skills. Each year, the company selects a few of its India-based employees to attend key trade events in the U.S.

The company is always on the lookout for new talent to join its rapidly growing India-based engineering organization. With the expansion of its client operations into new geographies and a pipeline chock full of new products, the future looks bright for this innovation powerhouse.

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