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MediaAgility Empowering People with wand of People Operations 2.0
Pankaj Kundwani
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Human Resource practices adopted by most companies have been carried forward from the industrial age without much questioning. In the new innovation economy, there is a need to challenge this status-quo in a radical way. New Jersey based MediaAgility is a new paradigm Cloud Services Brokerage company that is doing exactly this through their "People Operations 2.0" initiative. The first step in this direction was to abolish the traditional yearly performance appraisals that crush the human spirit.

Founded in 2011, MediaAgility has operations in the U.S., UK, Singapore and Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore in India. It is a Google Apps Enterprise & SMB Premier Partner, Google Cloud Platform Service Partner, and Google Geo Partner. Company's certified specialists offer full service implementation on Google Apps, Google Cloud Platform including BigQuery, Google Geo Suite of technologies and Amazon Web Services. This unlocks opportunities for its employees to work with some of the brightest minds across the globe.

Achieving Moonshots the AGILE WAY

With innovative values tightly knit in the People Operations 2.0 approach, company enables people to realize their potential and achieve moonshots through technology, simplicity and a rich culture. The company's core values are represented by the AGILE WAY which stands for -

Accountability: Where every employee is accountable for his own performance,

Goal Oriented: Where few broad goals are set for the company based on which employees align their individual goals,

Integrity: Encourages employees to do the right against all odds,

Learning: Motivates employees to learn from their mistakes & failures, and lastly

Excellence: Which encourages to innovate, excel and deliver 10 times value instead of 10 percent.

"We take great pride in our culture of peer recognition and two way feedback where employees celebrate their achievements and failures, share knowledge, and ask bold questions without hesitation," says Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO, MediaAgility.

The organization promotes an open culture where there are no cabins or cubicles even for senior management. Managers work as coaches to encourage employees and help them through monthly oneon-one meetings. They also give individual feedback on a monthly basis to facilitate constant learning & improvement. A Learning 2.0 model is applied where employees improve upon all possible avenues required for a job and can also choose to acquire a specific skill from an outside agency.

MediaAgility has replaced the traditional performance appraisal systems with an innovative set of tools and processes. A centralized and transparent performance management system '7Geese' help employees set quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) based on key objectives of the company and check their periodical progress. The combined effect of OKRs, monthly one-on-one meetings is that the manager gets out of the way letting employees achieve their goals. At the end of the year, salary reviews are conducted purely based on new skills acquired, value added to the company and industry benchmarks.

Peers play a great role in the hiring process as they have a deeper understanding of the skill set required for a job rather than the HR Manager. "We have tried to radically change the workplace to create an environment where people find meaning and joy in their work and not just a means to earn a livelihood," concludes Rajesh.

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