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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Software
AppDynamics APM for Modern Application Architectures
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
AppDynamics is a provider of application performance management for modern application architectures in both the cloud and the data center—including ones that are distributed, agile, and extremely hard to manage. The company’s solutions are also incredibly easy to use; they can be deployed in minutes and monitoring both JVMs and CLRs in production.

The company was founded by Jyoti Bansal in 2008 with the vision of defining the next-generation of application performance management (APM) solutions for distributed applications running in cloud, virtual, and physical environments. “We automatically discover and map our client’s application topology to give them a “google map” view and we give them correlated visibility at transaction, infrastructure, and code levels. They will get ten times more visibility into their applications,” says Bansal, CEO, AppDynamics.

Its solutions help its clients to reduce their mean-time-to-resolution by up to 90 percent. AppDynamics baselines the performance of its client’s application’s business transactions and automatically detect problems when they occur—capturing the deep diagnostics its clients need to find the root cause of the problem. Since the company self-learns the performance of client’s applications, it can tell them how it behaves on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

“When you are in the cloud, you need to both Monitor and ACT. AppDynamics can scale up or scale down capacity in the cloud in order to meet response time goals,” says Bansal. So far, over 50,000 users have downloaded its free Java performance solution, which can be used to monitor a single JVM in production. With innovative technology and business model the company is growing faster than ever.
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