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Alagu Periyannan
CTO-Blue Jeans Network
Sunday, October 5, 2014
Blue Jeans Network maintains a cloud-based video collaboration service that enables video conferencing using practically any device. Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, and founded in 2009, the firm has received a total funding of $98.5 million from Norwest Venture Partners, Accel Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Battery Ventures.

One of the most obtrusive trends noticed in the industry is the distributed workforce. In the early days, concentrated workforce used to be a norm especially in the 90's and 2000s. In the new era, the distributed workforce is able to function distinctly, at high level of productivity, when scattered throughout the globe.

Most of the people in the distributed workforce are Millennial, which means that working remotely is inherent to them. The consequence of this gives rise to video-based communication that enables collaboration in the end.

The Future of Cloud Networking

Many traditional companies in the video conferencing space are in a "cloud conundrum." Such companies see that the cloud is the future for video conferencing, but they are still stuck with a hardware and contract-based business model. This battle will continue to play out throughout the next few years.

The mobile undoubtedly is driving a lot of renovation. The workplace is becoming "multi-screen" just like home. When it comes to video collaboration, the new workforce expects to be able to switch seamlessly from their mobile devices to their desk screens.

There is a huge democratization of technology taking place compared to the past. The ongoing distributed workforce and the need for collaboration, video conferencing is becoming the norm across, huddle spaces, laptops and mobile devices too.

Moreover, the industry is massively shifting towards the cloud. People are no longer willing to outsource technology, so the cloud movement is invading all sorts of IT. This is happening in a big way in the video conferencing industry.

Roadblocks in the journey of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have challenges as well as advantages. Technology has enabled information to be readily available, accessibility to information on issues in the marketplace and the remedies are available at the click of a mouse. It is elementary to generate ideas and get people to cooperate with these ideas.

Nevertheless, everyone has access to the same information, technology, and people. Hence, it creates an equal opportunity for someone else to create the idea. With this amount of competition, someone else in the chain can beat you to the punch. The battle does not end here, as real talent and a proper opportunity is always appreciable. (As told to Kamalika roy Chaudhary)

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