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xAd Location@Scale
SI Team
Friday, November 1, 2013
Since 2009, xAd has grown to become one of the largest location-based mobile advertising platforms in the U.S. and the first mobile location-based ad platform to expand globally. xAd is the only ad tech provider offering the ability to target display ads using a combination of accurate location signal and search context. Across its network, xAd aggregates and manages billions of monthly ad impressions from which it derives the largest supply of accurate location based advertising inventory in the market. Their innovation is focused squarely on the evolution of location-based data and mobile search behavior profiling, enabling them to provide targeted global audience reach, while delivering measurable results. "xAd has built an end-to-end advertising platform - working with over a million local and global advertisers and location-enabled publishers to provide a relevant ad experience that is non-intrusive for consumers, yet result oriented for advertisers," says Dipanshu "D" Sharma, Founder & CEO, xAd.

At the core of their full-service capabilities are proprietary technologies - SmartLocation, SmartFencing, SmartAudience, and SmartCreative - each providing advertisers with first to market solutions that effectively reach and engage mobile consumers in constant motion. xAd's targeting technology allows advertisers to achieve campaign specific goals, while increasing performance and eliminating 20-50 percent of wasted ad exposure.

While mobile usage is growing, investment in mobile advertising is still behind. A key reason for that is lag is lack of valuable measurement. To solve this, in early 2013, xAd developed and launched a method of tracking mobile user interaction from ad impression to in-store visitation, dubbed industry-wide as Store Visitation Lift (SVL). Now for the first time ever, xAd SVL allows advertisers to measure how mobile ads drive brick and mortar foot traffic, attributing important ROI to mobile ad spend.

Alongside these proprietary advertising products and measurement tools, xAd is committed to educating the industry with first-to-market research in partnership with some of the most well respected research firms and data providers in the space. Their most notable research series - The Mobile Path to Purchase, conducted in conjunction with Nielsen - began in 2012 and due to marketplace and client demand, expanded into 2013 and now 2014. Thanks to this ongoing mobile research and thought leadership, xAd has gained greatest traction in core categories including Restaurant, Retail and Automotive. Some of xAd's largest clients include AT&T, Home Depot, Walmart, SuperMedia, Dex and Wells Fargo.

As the mobile space evolves, xAd continues to invest in research and development to ensure their solutions, clients, and partners keep pace with the marketplace. They continue to refine their technology to ensure solutions incorporate industry leading best practices, and leverage the best available location-focused data and insights to accommodate the ever changing needs of mobile marketers and their consumers. xAd's commitment to the growth and betterment of mobile advertising technology has been honored industry-wide, including the annual Mobile Marketing Association Smarties Awards where they were named 2013 Global Enabling Technology Company of the year.

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