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March - 2009 - issue > CEO Spot Light
Mobile Internet Is the Next Big thing
Prashant Parekh
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
With the advent of smart phones, availability of Wi-Fi and high speed networks like 3G have made communication from the handheld device more efficient. The mobile device of the future will be more of a computer. More and more people are carrying their smart phones with them instead of laptops, as their handheld smart phone is doing all the jobs that a PC or laptop does. This fabulous turn around in the mobile Internet arena in fact has created plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Also the advent of new mobile operating systems such as Adroid from Google as well as advancements in existing mobile operating systems such as Symbian and the RIM are creating many more opportunities for enterpreuners to create new software for phones using these operating systems.

One of the areas for Fascinating and hot applications would be around content discovery and delivery. As we all know huge amount of content such as news and entertainment is available today on the Internet and users are used to searching for this content using various search tools and downloading it. However, this model is flawed (especially when it comes to consuming content on mobile devices) because it requires users to search the content, find it, and then download it on their computers. Which is like asking people to go to newspaper’s office to read a newspaper instead of it being delivered to them at their doorstep. With the availability of smart phones and better networks, it is going to be increasingly important for the content providers to easily publish their content on various mobile devices and to make this content available with a push based subscription model as opposed to search and download model as it is done today. In other words, delivery of user opted rich media content and automatic update and delivery of such content will become increasingly important for users.

Social networking, blogging and especially video blogging will achieve a new paradigm with mobile phone allowing. Use of Wi-Fi for Wireless distribution of digital content to mobile as well as other devices will be another platform on which many applications will be developed. location-based services especially as used in mobile marketing will be also become a hot trend . For entrepreneurs to be successful, apart from traditional challenges of starting and managing a startup, today he should be prepared to face the challenges posed by global downturn. With the current economic situation, it will become more difficult to raise the capital required to execute the business. So, one will have to be more creative about finding various sources of funding. Also, it is important to keep your technology team up-to-date and trained on new developments. In the mobile consumer market, without huge marketing and PR budget, it is very difficult to market your product and spread the massage. One should certainly innovate creative ways of communicating and spreading the word about their product to be successful in this extremely competitive space.
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