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March - 2009 - issue > Movers and Shakers
Looking at the Big Picture
Vimali Swamy
Saturday, February 28, 2009
"I need about 200 years to do everything I want to do but since it is not feasible, I try to make the most of each day," says Zarir Sarkari, the newly appointed CTO and VP-Engineering of Moveo Systems. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has had the opportunity to work with high-performance teams across the U.S., India, Singapore, and Germany. Prior to joining Moveo, he was Senior Director of the Wireline and Wireless Products Group at Infineon Technologies.

He started his career in 1989 at LSI Logic in Silicon Valley and in 1996 he was instrumental in setting up an offshore development center for LSI in India. Later, he joined Catamaran Communications, an Optical Networking startup that was eventually acquired by Infineon. He considers his stint at Catamaran Communications as a life-changing experience. "The competitive environment brought out everyone's peak potential. I got trained for the blistering pace at which a well-knit team works, how highly motivated individuals perform, and the extreme efficiencies an organization can attain," says Sarkari. A fearless leader, Sarkari has the track record of building world-class design and development organizations. He brings with him a deep and diverse knowledge base that spans wide ranging areas like semiconductor product design, software design, IP development, electronic design automation, and global best practices. Talking about his current role he says, "Moveo, being a growing small business, requires a very high level of involvement. The company aims to change the way one operates day-to-day. Here I have an opportunity to think bigger and do bigger things. The most obvious change personally is being responsible for churning out software for enterprises and consumers, and combining that with a systems view, compared to driving semiconductor and firmware products at Infineon." He believes in looking at the big picture and taking risks and doing whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Outside work, he loves to spend time with his two daughters and surf the television channels for endless hours.

He has a BE degree from the University of Bombay, an MSEE from Louisiana State University, and an MBA from San Jose State University. He has co-authored five U.S. patents and has written several technical articles.

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