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November - 2013 - issue > Top 10 Mobile Companies
Mize, Inc - Transforming the Way Brands Engage with Connected Mobile and Social Consumers
SI Team
Monday, November 4, 2013
Brands waste over $100 billion per year in ineffective marketing methods that consumers try to avoid. Even though customer experience remains the key driver of brand loyalty, customers are generally frustrated with the experience they receive from most brands. Mize bridges this experience gap by facilitating easier access to products, knowledge, and services across multiple channels.

Tampa headquartered Mize, Inc. develops multi-platform (iOS, Android, Web) consumer apps to manage all products and gain easy access to support, services, knowledge, accessories, and upgrades needed throughout the product lifecycle. My Products app simplifies the buying experience with trusted recommendations, reviews, and advice from friends on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The company's portfolio of Smart Blox helps companies assemble branded apps faster, at a lower cost. Smart Blox cover marketing, sales, and service functions to increase the lifetime value of the customers.
mize's Smarter Customer Engagement solution enables brands to engage connected, mobile and social consumers at all stages of the customer lifecycle to accelerate revenue and foster loyalty.

Mize's customer centric approach makes it easier for customers to do business with the brands by:

-Delivering personalized, relevant, and timely information based on customer intent, context, and insights

-Unifying customer experience across multiple touchpoints before, during, and after the sale

-Facilitating frictionless interactions through simple user experience, flexible brand orchestration, and seamless integration

Mize serves manufacturers, retailers, and service providers of high value consumer and business durable products. Founded by Ashok Kartham, successful entrepreneur, Mize has a global team of experts who bring decades of industry and business expertise and have delivered technology solutions successfully to some of the world's largest brands. Mize's mission is to simplify the customer experience by transforming how brands engage today's billion+ connected mobile and social consumers. mize continues to build the platform to unify the customer experience and help brands enhance the whole customer journey. The company has been consistently adding users for the apps as well as acquiring leading brands in consumer and B2B space. Mize has plans to expand globally as the leader in emerging smarter customer engagement and experience segment.

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