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May - 2014 - issue > CXO View Point
Innovative Approaches should Focus on Key Performance Indicators
Vivek Bhan
SVP, Engineering-Dialog Semiconductors
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Dialog Semiconductors (FWB: DLG) are developers of the world’s most energy-efficient, highly integrated, mixed-signal circuits optimized for individual portable, short-range wireless, lighting, automotive and display applications. The company, incepted in 1981, has a market cap of $1.2 billion.

Technology continues to evolve and impact our lifestyle in a significant way. In the recent times, social media and mobile have surfaced as the most impacting trends, starting from the global spread of the internet in the last two decades to the latest adoption of mobile technologies. These trends are reshaping and disrupting the industry.

The last few years have also witnessed Smartphones gaining prominence along with other internet-based devices. These trends would lead to several affordable devices being deployed worldwide. Also, interesting developments are anticipated around the wearables market, internet of things, and technologies enabling big data solutions.

Another significant development that seems to be gaining momentum is regarding the approach on identifying upfront end user value propositions and then building the right technologies and innovations to deliver it. In many of the recent developments, consumer demand and applications are driving the innovation and technology. Therefore, we are no-longer limited in terms of development of technology and finding applications for those technologies.

These advancements in technology, towards the future are expected to extract complexity away from consumers by providing flexible and simple solutions to conveniently address their precise requirements and expectations.

The Industry has Room for More Solutions

It is an unquestionable fact that technology provides advanced solutions to meet with consumer expectations and demands, including the needs of the enterprise. With companies and corporations growing in scale and size, communication and interactions turn vital for efficient execution and implementation. While audio and video conferencing along with other technologies have helped improve communication within the enterprise, more solutions will be required to ensure global communication and interactions are seamless, efficient and effective.

Tackling the Current Issues in the Industry

The advent of internet has paved way for an ever-altering scenario in the market, in terms of consumer trends and expectations. Emergence of social media and mobility has also triggered these changes. Therefore, it is necessary to closely follow and understand consumer interest and behaviors, build applications around it, and ensure that technological innovation and execution is aligned with the concerned product needs and consumer expectations.

Business leaders also need to build appropriate partnerships and identify the segments that will offer the best chance of success and returns as the industry consolidates in some areas and expands in others.

In the semi-conductor industry, there would be prevalence of system complexity and integration. Also, there would be new process nodes with cost per transistor showing a decrease. The scenario puts the emphasis on differentiating solutions within a manageable budget. The process should be able to counter the ever-growing threat from the competitive world.

The Right Skills and Passion builds the Ideal Enterprise

In my role, as a SVP, I find it a constant challenge to build the ideal organization around the right skills, expertise, passion and attitude to deliver world class products and innovation. I also ensure that everyone involved in different levels of the process, while remaining dedicated, is aware of their responsibility. While achieving significant growth and success, Dialog Semiconductor has grown significantly over the past few years. Therefore, it is imperative for us to continue the momentum, preserve the strengths and the factors that enabled success, and also update the organization with adjustments needed for the growth and success.

In this environment, marked by constantly changing market dynamics, and evolving customer requirements, it is necessary for us to arrive at the right adjustments and agile decisions. Yet another daunting task is to maintain the global teams through the right processes, methodology and structure, coupled with the right strategy and tactical decisions.

Driving Innovation through Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Innovation turns out to be the fundamental key to success, as it results in timely deployment of world-class products, differentiating solutions and market leadership. For innovative attempts to be successful, it is vital to build the innovation around the KPI, key performance indicators and understand customer’s preferences. We at Dialog understand that every product and market segment involves certain unique requirements driven by consumers and market. Therefore, the innovative approach in our firm is centered around market needs, customer interest and those trends we believe would be critical in establishing a successful leadership.

The purpose of innovation should be to provide higher performance rate and advanced technology, while meeting the cost, size and other trends in place.

At Dialog, innovation and differentiation always remain areas of focus. We have a dedicated team that focuses on advance ideas, while our product development teams work on optimizing current products for best in class performance. Also, Dialog has implemented a structure to bring differentiating information on ideas, trends, customers, market, competitors and standards all under one roof and incorporate those elements into our definition for IP and innovation roadmap. In addition, we are constantly encouraging employees to think beyond the immediate requirements and provide them additional time and attention to come up with disruptive ideas.

Dialog has been a market leader in mixed signal and power management products, by employing leading edge innovation, complexity and integration to deliver the best solutions to market for Smartphones, tablets, adapters etc. Dialog also offers best in class size and power consumption for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) SoC. The firm is positioned to play a vital role in wearable solutions and other technologies that employ BLE for communication. (As told to Anitha)
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