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May-2014  issue
Cover Story
Author: Sagaya Christuraj
The buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) tends to center around a set of highly functional, utilitarian ideas: connected objects can make smart homes a reality, where toasters will talk to alarm clocks so your toast is ready when you... more>>
Company of the Month
Sagaya Christuraj
With rapidly changing IT market conditions, there are many enterprise customers that are exploring the options to secure... more>>
Christo Jacob
It's a known fact that Indian entrepreneurs are one of the back engines of Silicon Valley economy. Over the years they always... more>>
siTech20 2014
SI Team
siTech20 : 20 Most Promising Technology Companies Founded by Indians... more>>
Anitha TS
Recent research consistently points at a great future for the mobile application development arena. The apps sector is expected... more>>
Durgesh Prakash
We are dealing with an unprecedented amount of data today. A single smart meter accounts for a few kilobytes of data for a... more>>
Sagaya Christuraj
In the solution provider space there has always been a conflict between scale of operation and flexibility to customize.... more>>
Durgesh Prakash
Enterprises are bombarded with the data overflow each day. The abundance of this disorganized data from transactional data,... more>>
SI Team
Earlier, the concepts of data access and analysis mainly applied to statisticians, quants and specialists. However, overtime,... more>>
Anitha TS
Technological advancements have impacted almost every aspect of the day-to-day life, and made it a fast-paced world. Along with... more>>
SI Team
The excitement around cloud has been steadily growing over the recent years, with the technology impacting transformations in a... more>>
Durgesh Prakash
Efficient management of resources has proved to be the mantra for success for most businesses, especially for the service... more>>
Anitha TS
The emergence of Health apps has been touted as a significant step towards strengthening the mobile health sector. These Health... more>>
Durgesh Prakash
The adoption of voice messaging in global markets such as the US is at a rate of 80 percent and in Europe it is at 60 percent.... more>>
Sagaya Christuraj
Increasing network complexity, growing obfuscation techniques, and exploding multimedia traffic volumes are bringing a host of... more>>
Anitha TS
The technological advancements, emergence of new companies coupled with organizations across the globe focusing more on... more>>
Sagaya Christuraj
The IT industry is always under-equipped with the right resources needed to fulfill a project. Most of the projects in the... more>>
Anitha TS
The introduction of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology has reshaped the future of the entire mobile communication industry,... more>>
Sagaya Christuraj
Digital assets are a pivotal piece of today's business operations, and without the continuous availability of these digital... more>>
Anitha TS
In the current business arena, dominated by technological advancements and widening benchmarks for achieving financial growth,... more>>
SI Team
Big data is the latest buzzword in the enterprises sector. According to the recent reports, from 2014, the amount of data... more>>
SI Team
The worldwide adaption to digital channels has brought to the front, the need for providing faultless security for... more>>
Anitha TS
The current educational landscape is turning increasingly competitive and expanding continuously. Yet, the industry still... more>>
Durgesh Prakash
There are a number of common denominators in all of new healthcare concepts that have gained momentum in recent years. Reform... more>>
In My Opinion
Balu Balakrishnan -CEO, Power Integrations
Power Integrations Inc (NASDAQ:POWI) designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-voltage, analog and mixed-signal... more>>
CIO Insights
Randy Senn -CIO, SCANA Corp
SCANA Corp (NYSE: SCG), based in Cayce, South Carolina, is an energy based holding company principally engaged, through... more>>
Dr. Ashwin Ballal -VP & Chief Information Officer, KLA-Tencor Corporation
KLA Tencor (NASDAQ: KLAC) is a provider of process control and yield management solutions and partners with customers around... more>>
CXO View Point
Nimesh Dave -EVP- Global Business Process & Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro
Ingram Micro (NYSE:IM) is the world's largest technology distributor in IT supply chain and mobile device lifecycle services... more>>
Amar Hanspal -Senior Vice President, IPG Product Group, Autodesk Inc.
Founded in 1982 and headquartered at San Rafael, CA, Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) is an American multinational software... more>>
Debajyoti Pal -CTO & SVP, Ikanos Communications
Today, the technology innovation is being driven more by the needs of consumers including what is needed in a so called... more>>
Vivek Bhan -SVP, Engineering, Dialog Semiconductors
Dialog Semiconductors (FWB: DLG) are developers of the world’s most energy-efficient, highly integrated, mixed-signal... more>>
CEO Spotlight
Rohini K. Srihari -CEO, Content Savvy Inc.
Headquartered in Amherst, NY, Content Savvy offers business solutions that harness big data based on large-volume multilingual... more>>
Sanjiv Sidhu -Chairman & Co-founder, o9 Solutions
o9 Solutions, based in Dallas, TX is a provider of cloud enabled solutions for enterprises to bring in outstanding results,... more>>
VC talk
Vishal Gupta -Managing Director, Bessemer Venture Partners India
Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) is an American global venture capital firm with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston,... more>>
Naren Gupta
Nexus Venture Partners is a venture capital fund, founded in 2006, has about $600 million under management with an active... more>>
Ravi Viswanathan -General Partner, NEA
A leading venture capital firm with over $13 billion in committed capital, that invests in information technology and... more>>
Karan Mehandru -General Partner, Trinity Ventures
Established in 1986, Trinity Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm devoted to partnering with potential start-ups.... more>>
Vignesh Ravikumar -Analyst, Sierra Ventures
CIOs are becoming increasingly supportive of the cloud. We are now beginning to see large enterprises moving data centers... more>>
Entrepreneur Corner
Naveen Bisht -Co-Founder, Auriss Technologies Inc.
The author is Co-Founder of AURISS TECHNOLOGIES INC., a serial entrepreneur and Board Member, Chair Programs, The Indus... more>>
VC Chakra
SI Team
Jagadish Bandhole founded Fonemine, a provider of Cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions, has secured $4.5 million... more>>
SI Team
SirionLabs, founded to radically simplify governance of strategic suppliers, has secured $4.7 million in Series A funding from... more>>