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GlobalLogic Fostering a Culture of Innovation
Pankaj Kundwani
Saturday, April 5, 2014
Transparency in business is often an ignored value, yet it can radically perk up productivity, employee esteem and company's culture. With a strong belief that an open and elastic work culture helps employees thrive in their personal & professional domes, GlobalLogic - a full-lifecycle product development services leader - fosters transparency, communication, and teamwork through a combination of effective tools and policies.

Having their India offices in Noida, Nagpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad, GlobalLogic is a- full-lifecycle product development services provider that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide. "We show our employees how to 'connect the dots', not only between different stages of the product development lifecycle, but also between similar business and technology challenges that surface across different industries," says Shashank Samant, CEO, GlobalLogic.

Founded in 2000, the company has over 7000 employees working worldwide. The open work environment and global network of technology experts at GlobalLogic give employees the freedom and resources to be truly innovative. In addition to offering competitive salaries and the stability of a global company, the organization has also been consistently recognized as a top employer and promoter of work-life balance by Glassdoor and Zinnov GSPR. As a people-centric company; it has carefully crafted policies and procedures to help employees meet their personal & professional goals. Some of these policies include flexible work schedules, structured career progression matrix, interest-free loan benefits, rewards & recognitions, subsidized transportation facilities and recreational facilities amongst others.

As part of its innovative HR practices, GlobalLogic follows a four step strategy: attract, motivate, develop, and retain. As the company associates with some of the biggest names in technology, it strives to identify and hire the best talent. In addition to holding job fairs and collaborating with local universities, the organization leverages social media to attract and hire quality candidates. This has reduced company's time to hire by 40 percent. GlobalLogic has also been recognized by LinkedIn as a pioneer in social recruiting.

Having a notable average employee tenure of over three years, GlobalLogic endeavors to hire top talent in the industry and do utmost to nurture and retain that talent with best HR practices. The company motivates employees through a robust rewards program where preeminent teams and individuals are awarded through a quarterly 'Rewards and Recognition' ceremony. GlobalLogic has also implemented a 'Wall of Fame' at each facility to showcase employees who have gone above and beyond each quarter. Managers and directors are encouraged to distribute 'Spot Awards' for excellent ideas and performances. Furthermore, it encourages innovation through internal 'Proof of Concept' and 'Business Value' contests.

To give employees enough recreation and breathing space, GlobalLogic has cafeterias across all their facilities. Each facility has an on-campus gym and fitness center, along with a recreational space called the 'G-Club', which is equipped with game tables and video game consoles. Other onsite benefits include transportation, campus libraries, and creches for employees' children, relaxation & meditation rooms, medical facilities, and several others. With so many conveniences given to employees, it has been able to achieve an attrition rate of less than 15 percent, making it a startling place to work for.

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