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Drawing the Metrics
ST Team
Monday, July 2, 2007
Don’t work for results alone. The experience we gather throughout will be of much more significance,” opines Srihari.L, the new Director of Engineering at Metric Stream. Srihari recently moved into Metric Stream, a product company dealing with compliance software. After working in TCS, he wanted to ‘make’ products. “That was my motivation to join Metric Stream,” he explains.

In leisure, one could find Srihari flipping through Stephen Cowey’s best sellers or actively volunteering in social welfare activities. He believes that success is a perception and attributes it to team work, right attitude, and knowledge competence. According to him, youngsters should go that extra mile and work hard to create a track record in their career. ‘Meanwhile, don’t forget to update your skills,’ he tells them.

At Metric stream, he now multitasks the role of a manager and technical expert with ease and enthusiasm. An exponent in database designing and applications, with 15 years of experience, he wants to remain a techie throughout.

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