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Saturday, January 1, 2000

Does Creativity Count?
I have a Bachelors degree from India. All I have is experience in the airline Industry as I worked as a Flight attendant in a major airline. Now I am living in the U.S and planning on making a career change. Currently I am taking up a computer course in Oracle, VB, Unix & C. I would like to know, what other skills I would need to be an IT Recruiter? And what is the salary range? I am willing to start at an entry level. - Shubz

You are ready to go. I do not think you need any other additional qualifications. I have seen people recruiting in the IT industry with much less experience. The question is how will you get your break. For this you have to develop a lot of contacts. The opportunities for this type of work is quite abundant in the Silicon Valley. I do not think the opportunities are that prolific in other parts of the country. But to get your break you need to network a lot. Also, you have to develop your own sourcing channels. Also, I think recruiting in the US is quite different from India, so one has to learn the American systems. I know of some recruiter from India who jumped into the fray in the US and are now struggling.

But once you get in, the rewards can be great. Usually IT recruiters are paid like sales people. You get a base around $40K to $50K and then there are commissions on placement which can take your compensation into the six figure range.

Career Transition

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