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Redbacking Siara

Saturday, January 1, 2000

A merger with a total market value of $11.2 billion is a charged thunderbolt waiting to unleash itself on the telecommunications horizon and set the stage for new standards, new opportunities. When Redback Networks Inc. and Siara Systems, valued at over 4 billion, exchanged corporate vows, they morphed into a powerful entity that is poised to become the first equipment supplier focused on developing integrated solutions for the New Access Network.
With the addition of Siara’s product portfolio and network operations software, Redback plans to extend its service creation and management capabilities across the entire New Access Network, which is expected to be in excess of $15 billion market this year and grow rapidly thereafter. The company will also acquire a roster of seasoned executives and over 170 engineers, both of which will be key to maintaining leadership in this larger market.

The Products

Redback’s Subscriber Management System (SMS) facilitates the rapid and widespread deployment of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). The company markets its products to carriers who provide wholesale data transport services and Network Service Providers (NSPs) wanting to enhance their data service offerings.

Redback Networks makes widescale deployment of DSL a reality by bridging the operational gap between telco-based DSL equipment in the Central Office (CO) and service provider backbone networks. With DSL, service provider networks have to scale their operations to support large user populations. Also, DSL drives the bandwidth requirement of service provider backbones to unprecedented levels. Instead of managing thousands of low-speed dial users, they now must accommodate thousands of high-speed dedicated users. Redback is the first company to address these subscriber issues with its SMS 1000.

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