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Xangati: Improving End-User Experience and Performance Service Assurance in Private/Hybrid Clouds

SI Team
Thursday, October 22, 2015
SI Team
In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of data centers that have been virtualized. Large numbers of customers are setting up private clouds in their own data centers, while others are moving to hybrid or public clouds. In all of these scenarios, the applications or workloads run on shared environments."When you have workloads in a shared, dynamic virtualized infrastructure, it is difficult to figure out exactly where a performance problem lies and during what timeframe it occurs. The reality is that workloads running in the virtualization layer (virtual machines or VMs) are syphoning off resources from many areas of the shared infrastructure, so that when there is an impediment to performance, system administrators have a tough time isolating the root cause," explains S. Sundi Sundaresh, CEO, Xangati.

Providing a solution to these challenges through service assurance analytics software for enterprises and service providers is San Jose, CA-based Xangati. Originating from the Sanskrit word "Sangathi" which means coming together, the company is an enterprise software innovator for hybrid-cloud and virtualized data centers.

Xangati analyzes IT infrastructures in a 360-degree, holistic, live and continuous manner. It not only generates visibility both to the metrics that are emanating from desktop services, network, compute and storage, but also connection brokers and other IT services in the network. "We tie all those together with fairly sophisticated statistical algorithms, data science and machine learning. These algorithms track the behavior of infrastructure metrics and are further used to determine the root cause of degrading performance," says Sundaresh.

Xangati exclusively leverages an in-memory analytics platform that ingests data at very high speeds and scales to large environments, without the need to deploy agents or probes. The company also correlates network data to cross-reference the interdependencies of flows and metrics processed by our analytics engine, enabling superior offerings to our customers. The notion of service assurance involves collecting data, monitoring, trending and performance analytics to provide actionable insights. This includes, for example, real-time analytics as issues materialize post-mortem analytics of historic metrics, gathered when a customer pushes a button to record what's happening in their environment, and predictive analytics to prevent performance contention storms in the future. "All of our products use the same core platform whether it is the virtual infrastructure management suite (for compute), the VDI suite (for desktops), the VirtualApp suite (for XenApp) or the WebApp suite," Sundaresh reckons. These software dashboards enable sysadmins to deliver a superior end-user experience in their virtualized environments.

Sundaresh believes that partners are key to both boosting the value of Xangati's products and increasing the company's reach to customers. "We have technology partnerships with many players to incorporate their metrics into our products and deliver better business outcomes for our customers. Over the years, the company has served over 400 customers across financial services, healthcare, retail, educational institutions, and state, local and federal government.

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