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Huna Makia: Tapping Human Brilliance with Enterprise Intelligence

SI Team
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
SI Team
For long, many organizations and end-users, of products and services, have strived to identify the most reliable sources for predicting the markets, trends and changing customer preferences. With the advent of Enterprise Intelligence (EI) platforms and solutions, the task of determining the right company and right professional at the right time has been immensely simplified. "EI is essential for many aspects of modern day businesses that need to react quickly to the dynamic customer and market demands while keeping employees and partners happy," says Anand Karasi, CEO, Huna Makia. Created with the goal to unlock hidden brilliance of workforce and professionals by connecting them with the right person at the right time to tap their skills, the San Jose-based firm, Huna Makiah has etched out a distinct repute with its EI platform.

The solution platform is built on a concept graph, comprising of nearly 4 million enterprise concepts across the U.S. "Our solution platform is extremely beneficial for sales and marketing departments of an enterprise as opposed to depending on buyer signals and sales triggers or engaging in the sales cycle," adds Karasi.

With over a decade of knowledge and experience of working with renowned firms, Karasi recognized some of the common challenges endured by most companies' short listing important leads; engaging too early or too late at the wrong place or a company; and limited possibility of deals being converted into closed transactions. Brainstorming ideas with his team of engineer friends from IIT, MIT, Stanford and Princeton, Karasi found the Enterprise Graph concept and adoption curves for each concept and built two applications "Engage and Recruit" to measure the accuracy of the concept graph. "From then on, there was no looking back, Huma Makia developed its EI platform and supported applications pertaining to other facets of organization such as salary prediction, professional event recommendation, and predicting impact of a profession on an employee's health," beams Karasi.

The concept graph of the Huna Makia's applications is a like map that includes commonly known concepts to the corporate world. The graph serves as a reference to match people, product, time, and place. Data is gathered on a daily basis by the data engine that organizes the information based on the companies, products, and technologies used by their employees to process and geo code them for further use. "Any increase in firm's activity in the proximity of the vendor on the concept graph and geographic map indicates likelihood of budget allocation to projects relevant to the vendor in geographic area of interest," expresses Karasi. "The top prospects in a given geographic area are identified in this way, allowing the vendors to focus their sales and marketing efforts."

In addition, the company is also known for its predictive intelligence as a service platform that capacitates user enterprises to seamlessly move past the layers of organizational secrecy to reach the right individual. The solution is made of two components, the present and predicted extent of company and employees concept adoption driven by the concept graph and employee characteristics prediction.

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