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Xactly : Quenching Employee's Thirst for Knowledge

SI Team
Thursday, October 3, 2013
SI Team
It dawned on Xactly founders Christopher W. Cabrera and Satish K. Palvai that sales compensation had become extremely complex and increasingly critical to a company’s success. As the finance departments were stressed and struggling to manage the process spreadsheets, which was time consuming and lead to a high risk of errors, Xactly democratized the influence of sales compensation through SaaS. With this its clients were able to avoid much of the complexity and cost involved in existing on-premise solutions and get immediate value from automating incentive compensations. Over the next eight years, the 250 employee company has more than $6 billion in commissions annually as they offer a wide array of solutions for large, multi-national enterprises, small businesses and every company that comes their way.

The employees of Xactly value the fast paced, small company vibe. Easy access to the top leadership and an easy- going, conversational style helps the employees live out the C.A.R.E. values which stand for Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. These values are so important to the employees that they have laminated posters and a giant mural in each of their offices and also the back side of every business card. The environment in India is fun for the Xactlians as they empower them to think out of the box, collaborate and others. Their engineers are allowed to use the latest technologies such as Cloud, Multi-Talent SaaS, Portal Framework, No-SQL, Algorithms, Puzzles, Gamification, MVC and Map- Reduce.

In all the offices which are located in Bangalore, San Jose and Denver in the U.S., and London, a strong workplace culture is resonated. Exemplary employees who go above and beyond their duty are given monetary awards and even stock options through the regular employee recognition programs. All employees are given Pre-IPO stock options with their salary.

Xactly offers each employee an array of benefits like full paid accident and life insurance along with medical insurance coverage for the employee’s family. In order to quench Xactlians thirst for knowledge, Xactly encourages them to attend trainings. Depending on the need basis, the company organizes onsite and out bounding training sessions to help the employees grow professionally and personally. Teams/departments are trained at the company’s expense and sent to the U.S. if they require additional training. One of the best examples is that the employees of the engineering team recently were sent for Hadoop training, Scrum training, Automation testing, frameworks training and ETL training. The other example is the QA team members to U.S. to get trained on the full life cycle of a product development and release.

The Xactlians have etched 'the giving back to the community' policy and find ways to combine being charitable with fun. XactlyOne supports local causes and organizations like SOS children's village, Santosh Charity and Blind Cricket tournament. Xactly's vision is to empower companies to give the right incentives to their employees without any hassles.

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