Test or Not to Test

Dr. Andreas Kuehlmann, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President R&D-Coverity
Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Dr. Andreas Kuehlmann, Ph.D.
Coverity is a development testing company based out of California. Founded in 2003, the company has raised $22 million from Foundation Capital and Benchmark Capital.

The world is changing. It’s speeding up. It’s software led. There are millions of lines of code written every day. Coverity Mars Rover alone has more than two million lines of code pre-programming its every move. There is more room for error yet zero tolerance for it. Releasing faulty software is something that no business can afford.

All of this makes development testing critical to any development process. But is that the reality?

The Issue

As with any new thing, when software development was in its infancy, developers were not really aware of the necessity to test it, which led to a flood of faulty software. Essentially, the only form of testing was basic debugging as hackers were yet to pose a real threat and resource management was a much bigger concern.

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