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August - 2008 - issue > Cover Feature

Why iPhone 3G will be a Dud in India?

Jayakishore Bayadi
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Jayakishore Bayadi
When Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off the latest iPhone 3G recently, a dream was born in every gadget savvy chap to own one. This time it was not only in the U.S. but also across the globe. This is the first time a touch screen phone mania took the world by storm. The voguish Apple gizmo, which packs a phone, audio and video player, a 2 mega pixel camera, faster Internet capabilities, and intelligent touch screen operation onto a single device in an "Apple way", is now available in the U.S for just $199 for 8GB, at half the $399 price of its predecessor; and at $299 for the 16GB version, down from $499.

In fact, this is the key reason for such a hype and hoopla around a gizmo that has been ever created in the electronics gadgets arena. Leave the Apple crazy U.S., even in the Asian countries, where only unauthorized, "Unlocked" iPhones ruled till date, the Apple fever has touched its high as thousands of excited and sleep deprived geeks besieged the Apple stores across the continent. This time the latest iPhone 3G is available in more than 70 countries including India, where the gizmo will be launched in the fall of 2008.

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone announced a tie-up with Apple last month to bring the iPhone 3G to India. The companies have already started pre-registering customers for the iPhone 3G, and since then, offices and blogs have been abuzz with discussions on what Apple’s much awaited iPhone 3G will cost and whether it will be a hit in India.

But sadly, Apple fans who dreamt of singing romantic tunes with their Apple thingamabob feel ditched as their dreams are virtually shattered as the new Apple iPhone is going to be a costliest affair in India than any other countries where the iPhone is being sold. Industry pundits anticipate that the two versions will cost any where between Rs. 20,000 and 35,000 in India. As a reverberating effect, Apple will also receive its round of jolt when iPhone 3G will turn as a dud in India, not only for cost reasons, but also for business complexities it involves, when it releases iPhone 3G here.

The U.S. model Vs. Indian Scenario

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Reader's comments(10)
1:I am not a gizzmo savvy but here i can say that its not worth buyin such an expensive phone. It is not suitable for indian market as there people who can spend thousands on a single handset but the can any one tell me the number of those people who gonna buy it???I m agreed with Sumit that Sony and Nokia would definitely come up with a hand set but with a comperable low price....
Now it comes to looks of Iphone 3G it has got nothing different then a local chinese phones.
Posted by: Rashmi Kandiyal - 25th Aug 2008
2:I have this phone for 2 months.It's features are best to watch and play.That';s why the batteriea you have to recharge everyday
Posted by: Siddharth Pandey - 10th Aug 2008
3:I have dreamt of having the iPhone and I will have it. For people like me who can't afford the iPhone at 20k, get it from the US and get it unlocked. For more information, go to http://www.ziphone.org.
Posted by: - 08th Aug 2008
4:hi please gave me any kide of job in punjab
qulification bsc (it)
exp 6 years
i trust your company
Posted by: chetan sharma - 08th Aug 2008
5:It is nice to now Apple iphone also avalale in India with its good quality and fetures, because I am crazy about phones from last 5 years I was change 7 Phones, like Nokia 6600, nokia 6030, Nokia N70, Sony P990,HTC, and Now Sony O990i, but comparitevely iphone is very costly, I think by cost wise they will not reachto hight.

But also I wish them all the best.
Posted by: - 08th Aug 2008
6:whos gonna buy that costlyyy iphone in india..its just within the reach of rich guys...welll definitely sony ericsson and nokia will launch a competitor to it and cost will definitely lies within the reach of every indian...
Posted by: Sumit Kumar - 07th Aug 2008
7:If we bye iphone handset in US or UK, will it work in india.
Posted by: prashant kumar - 07th Aug 2008
8:why prices of iphone 3G are too high...due to cusom duty or any reasons....Discuss plz
Posted by: vikram kumar - 07th Aug 2008
9:your cost should be bitween 10 to 15 thousand than u wiil see result atomatic and if ureduse your cost at 10000 than u will become the king of martet.
Posted by: sandeep rana - 07th Aug 2008
10:I Phone is definitely a good gadget to have but i can say its definitely not a must have phone.
There are limitations, and for our Indian market, for such prices, its definitely worth thinking.I am crazy about phones, so far i have had a Sony Erricson P900, Nokia 9500 Communicator,Nokia N95,LGU900,in my experience. the life of these phones is not more than 2 years ,so there is no point in having them by paying huge amounts.I live in the UK and here the model is different.
Posted by: Ramprasad Bangaru - 07th Aug 2008
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